Friday, February 29, 2008

New Photos Added

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1936 Indiana State Basketball champions - Frankfort Hog Dogs
1946 Seventh and Eighth Graders of Waterman School
4th Street in Logansport, Indiana
A. F. Hill
A. F. Hill
A. R. Tucker
Abraham Keyser
Abraham Keyser Family
Agnes Amos
Albert Clarence Moore
Alexander Crow
Alice Petropoulos
Allie, Zela, Mildred and Ruby Epperson (sisters)
Amadee Swaney
Andrew Stechnicki Family
Angelo Cervone and two men
Anna Kefover Franks
Anna Louise Selsor Whitmer
Argyle High School, Argyle, New York Class Photo
August Bohar 1878-1957
B & M Railway Station, Harrisville, New Hampshire early 1900s
Back of the Fazio house
Bangor House, Bangor, Maine 1909
Bell School #5 1937-38
Benjamin and Rosa Holden
Benjamin Harrison Holden
Benjamin Harrison Holden and Rosa Jane Stanley Holden
Benjamin Harrison Holden, Maude Aaron Holden, Missouri Roxanna Holloway Holden
Bertha Sybilla Lohr Doerr
Big Four Bridge and Levee at Layfayette
Blunk and Friends
Blunk Family
Blunk Family
Braid Children
Brinton Rebecca Sellers
Business Section, Dyer, Indiana 1910s
C B & Q Depot, Aurora, IL 1900s
C. C. Engleman
Calvin Miles Malaby
Canton, Ohio Football Team 1906
Cardwell High School, Cardwell, Montana Girls Basketball Team 1925
Carmella D'Angelo Russo
Carrie Ann, Lottie and Charlie Girton
Carrie Elizabeth Fox & unknown sister
Cauffiel Family Children - Est. Dan and Joseph Cauffiel
Charles D. Hawthorne ~18 months old
Charles Walter Nash and Nettie King Nash
Children of Thomas Ward Girton
Christopher or Dennis Ryan and family
Christopher or Dennis Ryan and wife
Citizens Band, New London, Ohio 1908
Clarence Hiram Walker
Clark Sisters
Cora Lardin
Coshocton High School, Coshocton, Ohio 1927 Baseball Team
Custer County 1
Custer County 2
Daisy Mae Kefover Orin
Daniel Maddox Cauffiel (1868-1934)
Daniel Maddox Cauffiel Family of New Castle DE
David Wery, Betty Housley Wery, and Gladys Leith
Division Street, Downs, Kansas early 1900s
Doris Marie Upchurch b 1930 with brother Bert Lewis Upchurch b 1932 Stearns, Ky
Ebnother Block, Downs, Kansas 1907
Edward O Granger
Elijah Smith May
Elizabeth (Barefoot) Hammer
Elizabeth (Hagerty) Hunt
Elizabeth Agnes "Lizzie" Girton Hettrick
Elizabeth Eva (Leventry) Cauffiel (1868-1935) with daughter Beatrice
Elizabeth Eva Leventry (1868-1935)
Elizabeth Nickel
Ernest Solomon Cauffiel (1902-1983)
Farl and Pearl Epperson with children Robert and Anita Epperson
FHA president installed
Fire House, National City, California
Flossie Witsman Comparais
Frances Jones Bryte
Frank Stechnicki
Franklin Joy
Franklin P. Barnhart
Frederick Augustus Joy
George Mooar Chapin
Grand Opera House, Aurora, IL early 1900s
Guiseppe Joseph Cucinotta and Natale Cucinotta
Gustavus Adolphus Walker
Haines School 1913
Halamicek Pharmacy, El Campo, Texas 1940s
Harry A. Joy
Harry Jenks
Hartwick Men
Helena Elizabeth Henkle Girton
Hendrix and Farriba Families
Henry Whitmer, Licking Township, Clarion Co. PA
Hesekiah Hill Civil War
High School, Waterville, Kansas early 1900s
His Eye on the Rail
Hostetler Blind Family Musicians
Hotel Bishop, Aurora, IL early 1900s
Hunt, Pearl
Ida Maud Cullins Kirkpatrick
Isaac Curtis Jackson
Isaac Dibert and Rebecca (Border) Barnhart's Sons
Isaac Dibert Barnhart Family Storing Hay
Isabella and her mother Anna Elizabeth (Keim) Cauffiel
J. F. Witsman and his children
J.F. Witsman and two of his sons
James Hugh
James Madison Ellis, Gilmer County, Georgia
James Riley Holden, Benjamin Harrison Holden, Red Holden
James Webb
Jean Gibson
Jeanette Allebaugh Barker Gibson
Jenner Mines 1920's
Jennie and Perie Swaney
Jesse Evans Jones
John Donnell and Rose Reinmold Hawthorne Wedding Picture, Mercer Co, PA
John Donnell Hawthorne and Rosa May Hawthorne with grandchildren Mercer Co, PA
John Donnell Hawthorne and Rosa May Reimold Hawthorne 1950s
John Lawrence Family
John William (Bill) Hawthorne Sr. ~18 months old
Jones County Court House, Anson, Texas
Jones Reunion
Joseph Hunt
Joseph S. Cauffiel, Mayor of Johnstown
Josephine Cuny
Julia Duskovitch 1896-1967
June Lily Housley
Kelso Family at Reunion
Keyser Family 1928
Lavina Ellen Jones and Julia Ann Davis
Leona Matthews
Lester Cooper
Letitia Wilkins (Hunt) Joy
Lettie Blanche May
Lila Lampert Kitts and baby George Kitts
Lilly Emme Swaney
Lorena "Pearl" Welch on wagon
Luella K. Cauffiel
Lynn Scott
Mac Thorn
Margaret Ann Buckman & Nancy Bassett
Margaret Isabel George
Margaret, Charlotte, and Gladys Hammer
Marie Deprille Wery and John Wery
Marie Mae "Minnie" Eichholz
Marion Gallagher
Mark Keim Cauffiel (1900-1962)
Market Street, Logansport, Indiana
Martha Fogelman Witsman
Marty Kakasick
Mary (Hunt) McClelland
Mary Alice Miller Stanley
Mary Ethel Kimmel
Mary Louise Hugh
Max Laughlin
Mayor Joseph Cauffield (center) with 2 unidentified Councilmen
Men on the Train, El Campo, Texas May 1911
Michael and Oma Swaney Lopez and children
Michael Stechnicki 1919- 1991
Milard Young
Minor and Belle Sangston with son Curtis
Miss Ella Genora Hammer and Her Class
Mrs. A. L. Zumwalt
Mrs. A. R. Tucker
Mrs. Alexander Crow
Mrs. Joseph Cauffiel
Myron McCalin
Myrtle and Fred Witsman
Nancy (Lohr) Keyser
Nancy Elizabeth or Nannie (Hunt) Krise
Nancy Emeline McGhee
Nancy Witt 1853- 1913
Nellie Johnson Moore
Nellie Johnson Moore
Nettie M. (Lohr) Yates Prough Portrait
Nickolas Bohar
Novak Family
Older sister and Lorena P. "Pearl" (Welch) Snow
Omer Victor Swaney
Oriental Hotel, Chanute, Kansas 1900s
Otha Prather
Paul Wendell Cauffiel and his sister Isabella Cauffiel
Paul Wendell Cauffiel in uniform WWI
Peter and Maria Russo
Peter Russo Army Picture
Petrolley and Ina Mae Housley
Philippa Skentelbery Rowe
Phillip L May
Prof. and Mrs. A. R. Tucker
Rachel Janet or Jennie (Hunt) Zimmerman
Rachel Janet or Jennie (Hunt) Zimmerman
Rand Powder Mill Explosion, Fairchance, PA 1905
Reunion of Civil War Soldiers
Rock Falls, Illinois Students and Teacher 1911
Rosa Jane Stanley Holden
Rosa May Reimold Hawthorne with parents Mr. and Mrs. Dan Reimold, Mercer Co. PA
Rosa May Reimold Hawthorne, Mercer Co. PA
Rosemary (Bohar) Stechnicki
Rosemary and the Lonesome Valley Country Show
Ruben Anderson Epperson and Nellie May Sanders Epperson
Sarah Robbins Witsman and William E. Witsman
School, Chisholm, Minnesota 1907
Second Ward Public School, Glassport, PA
Shirli Sue Hettrick
Solomon Hammer Cauffiel
Solomon Nunemaker Hammer
Southmont High School, Johnstown, PA 1939-40 Basketball Team
Springer Hardware Store, Uniontown, PA
Standing, Jess and Charlie Epperson, kneeling Jack and Farl Epperson (Brothers)
Stowers Family
Sylvia Crossman (Hunt) Hamill
Thelma Storey
Theodore W. and Margaret Ann Smock Wescott
Tommie Lee Williamson
Unknown man
Unknown man
Unknown Man Rafting On River In Ohio
Virgil Harry (1897-1918)
W. J. Hefner Home, El Campo, Texas early 1900s
Wescott Hotel, Richmond, Indiana early 1900s
Wililam Samuel Jones
William Andrews Krise
William L. Perry
William Orin Whitmer
William Samuel Jones
William Witsman, cobbler
Witsman sisters
Wreck of 3rd Street Bridge in Logansport, IN