Saturday, June 24, 2006

Laurel, Mississippi Unknown Photos


Photographs of Unidentified People that lived in and around Laurel, MS

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Collection of 21 unknown photographs, that could members or friends of the Valentine and Collins families that lived in Jones County, MS.

More Valentine and Collins Family Photos

Photos submitted by Mary Allen Valentine Murphy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Coshocton High School, Coshocton, Ohio Class of 1904


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Helen Beverly Agnew, Bessie Browning, Edmund Cone Carr, Erma Lillian Coe, Cleveland Virgil Dillin, Nellie Gosser, Lucy J. Graham, Agnes Hanlon, William Arthur Judd, Kathryn Beatrice Martin, Nellie Grant Norris, Wayland Max Parrish, Edward Brown Roberts, Nellie Severns, Adelia Dudley Smith, Forest Delva Speckman, Elsie Lulu Stafford, Jennie Isabell Stewart, Bessie A. Swalley, James Wilbur Swihart, Nelle Thompson, Nellie Trovinger, Jessie Waddell, Charles Conner Wells, Mamie Pearl Williams, and Bessie Alice Wright

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Lowpoint High School, Lowpoint, IL Junior Class 1928


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Paul Lancaster, Melvin Scheirer, Clifford Fehr, Lee Kunkel, William Hare, Lynn Banta, Myrtle Whisler, Ruth Hahn, Agnes Braun, Vera Pelz

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Aneta, North Dakota Baseball Team 1911


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The names of the players are unknown. You might recognize some of them.

More North Dakota Old Photos

Memories of Sevastopol, IA live on walls of grocery store

Old Photographs and Memorabilia on display in Iowa Store

The 62-year-old owner of the B & B grocery store at Southeast Sixth Street and Hartford Avenue will let his sons take over more responsibility for the family business, but he'll never be totally gone from the store.

The walls of the store are covered in old photographs and other documents that trace the history of the area back to its beginnings as an independent town,
Sevastopol, in the late 1870s.
Read full story from the DesMoines Register

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bend High School, Bend, OR Football Team 1928


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Coach Henri Q. Nicol, Donald Larson, Robert "Bob" Spencer, Willis Danforth, Cecil Newman, ___ Hanson (Hansen), Doc Loomis, Chet Hurt, Richard "Dick" Smith, Paul Kemmling, William "Bill" James, James Crawford, William "Bill" Crawford, Gordon James, Earl Hankins, Herb Allen, Vince Graham, Robert "Bob" Gales, Connie Mahoney (Mahony), Merrill Ross, ___ Brown, ___ Joanas

More Bend High School Photos
Girls Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29
Boys Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29

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Luverne, MN High School Football & Basketball Team 1941-42


Luverne High School, Luverne, MN Football Team 1941

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Mr. John Conover, WIlliam Juhl, Sandy Myhre, Roger Wiese, Donald Storaker, Sidney Hammer, Alan Kreimier, Paul Hausen, Leonard Hansen, Mr. Norbert Manion, Orvey Jordahl, Judson Peterson, James Butler, Marlyn Hudson, Robert Oesterle, Keith Connell, Waldo Remme, Robert Canfield, Russell Hoven, Mr. Ray Lemmerman, Marlyn Martinson, Hugo Goehle, William Cameron, Bill Brooks, Harris Vande Velde, David Butler, Virgil Stelling, William McCormick, Herbert Hansen

Luverne High School, Luverne, MN Basketball Team 1942

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Coach Norbert Manion, Captain Keith Connell, Donald Toms, Hugo Goehle, Sandy Myhre, Marlyn Martinson, Manager Bryce Gilbertson, Robert Canfield, Orvey Jordahl, David Butler, Harris Vande Velde, Bill Brooks

More Minnesota Old Photos

New Old Photos

Old Photos - Just added at

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Virginia May Rosenberger
Annette Hildegarde Sibley
Samuel Edward Nicholson
Pauline Collins
Elizabeth Turner
Shirley Connell
Irene Margaret Priddy
Leonard Clarence Dickinson
Harry Lee H. Crum Jr
Robert Callis
Louis Biggins
Mary Bryant, Douglas Petty, and Willis A. Shell, Jr.
Jewel Hall
Philip Burcher
Eleanor Crossley
Edward Stanley Wheeler
Gladys Elizabeth Ford
William R. Aylett Ballard
Nan Kurtz
Lee Barnhardt Todd
Harriet Cutler
Hannah Cohen
Robert Willis Edwards
Margaret Wilkie
William Mark Gares
Gladys Gillet
Catherine Anolia Henkel
Alma Branch
Almira Quinn
Mildred Pearson
Ella P. Gribskov
Hilda J. Olsen
Betty Rauch
Nellie C. Burke
James B. Sechrist
J. M. Bowersox
Clarence Alton Guderian
Bernadine Beeler
Boris Krichesky
Joyce M. Dickinson
M. A. Cochran
Henri Q. Nicol
Margaret Pepoon
Doc Loomis
New Leipzeg Town Hall, New Leipzeg, North Dakota
Unknown Children, Wahpeton, ND
Girls Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29
Boys Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29

Minot, North Dakota Postcards & Old Photos


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16 vintage photographs and postcard of Minot, ND. Street scenes from the early 1900s through the 1950s, early 1900s photos of the High School, Second National Bank, Russell - Miller Milling Company, Dinnie Flats, Christmas Eve on Central Avenue and Great Northern Depot.

More North Dakota Old Photos

Newport News High School, Newport News, VA Girls Basketball Team 1923


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In the photo: Elizabeth Turner, Virginia Rosenberger, Ellen Fox, Ruth Clark, Frances Volk, Amanda Gray, Mildred Baylor, Gladys Gillet, Ruth Fitchett, Gladys Ford, Loutrell Llewellyn, Annette Sibley, Hettie Jenkins.

Miss Mildred Rucker, Coach

More Newport News High School photos
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Photos Trace Western Oregon's History

Exhibit of Salem and Western Oregon photographs online
Thousands of historic Oregon photographs dating from the mid 1800's, with a special focus on the City of Salem and Western Oregon communities. The photographs are digitized and searchable. Most of the photographs were assembled from a variety of local and private sources and collections. The website was created by the Salem Public Library and is an important resource for those interested in the history of Oregon.

Old Photos Genealogy Blog
Salem Woolen Mills, early 1900s postcard from

Friday, June 16, 2006

Gladbrook, Iowa Train Wreck March 1910


Rock Island Train Wreck Kills 47 - March 1910

Newspaper article, information, and photos detailing the wreck of the Rock Island train at Green Mountain near Gladbrook, Iowa, on March 21, 1910. Includes a list of the dead.

View the article, events that touched our ancestors' lives.

More Iowa Disasters
More Iowa Old Photos

Old Photos Genealogy Blog, photos, genealogy, and more.

Athens High School, Athens, Ohio Faculty 1932-33 photo


Group photo of the Athens High School Faculty during the 1932-33 school year.

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Faculty surnames: Bjornstad, Brown, Connett, Dowell, Estabrook, Gilmore, Henderson, Irene, Johnston, Kay, Lamon, McConnell, McEwen, McKinley, Moore, Nellis, Newcomb, Pendry, Pickering, Pickett,Porter, Roberts, Wamsley, Wiley, Wilson, Wood.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Unknown Dads: Recognize One for Father's Day

Unknown Fathers, Brothers, Sons, Husbands, Grandfathers, Uncles ... you might recognize one of over 300 unknown men.

Easy-to-view thumbnail images show a quick look at each of the unknown men in the Unknown Gallery. They could be from your family.

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The photo above is Unknown Men from Bradford, PA Recognize them?

Batavia High School, Batavia, NY Basketball Team 1925-26 Photo


Coach: Raymond L. Pierce

Team members: John Luther - captain, Klein McCurdy, Albert Morehouse, Elbert Martin, Roy Wickens, Donald Sutherland, Charles Hodgson - manager

Three unidentified players are also in the photograph.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

East High School, Rochester, NY Swimming Team 1922


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Jack Delmarle - manager, Gregg Swarthout, Theodore Peaver, William Peaver, Russell Bradshaw, Carl Grashof, Robert Skelton, Raymond Ward, George Blair, Theodore Gunkler, Burton White, Earl Goldstein.

Another five boys are in the photograph that were not listed on the roster.

The coaches in the photo were unidentified. They might be James Fowle and Robert McKay who were Physical Training instructors at East High School at the time.

New Ohio Old Photos


New and Recently Added Photos in the Ohio Old Photos Section

Adam Ax
Alex Luxeder Family
Mary Luxeder and her husband
Rose Luxeder with her grandchildren
Christena Luxeder
Charles Edward Little
Knisley Home in Bainbridge Ohio
James Sommers Patterson
Stella Chapman Patterson
Painter Family
Rev. John F. Grimes
Dr. H. M. Burgess
J. C. Potter
Rollo and Clarence Gilmore
Calvin and Oceola Linard Gilmore
Oceola Linard Gilmore and Clarence Gilmore
Mary Linard, Wilma Linard, Irene Kail Linard, Lucille Linard, and Ruth Linard
John Moore, Wilma Linard Moore, Irene Maude Kail Linard, George Linard, and Patricia Moore
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Graham Linard
George Bowers Family
Aaron and Matilda Addy
Mary Jane Cox
Ruth Marion Linard
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Linard and Ruth Marion Linard
John and Wilma Linard Moore with Patricia
George Alan Linard Sr., George Alan Linard Jr., Donald Franklin Linard, and Robert Eugene Linard
Donald Franklin Linard
Adolphus Linard, Tom Meek, Franklin Thompson, and George A Linard with unknown hunters
Adolphus Linard 1916
John Albert Corliss and Maude Kail
Mildred Jean Holcomb 1927
Tim Smith
Crestview Junior High School, Columbus, OH Class of 1954
R. G. Barry Corp. Christmas Party, Dec 1958, Columbus, OH
Unknown Girls
Unknown Woman
Albert Lee Irey
Albert Lee Irey
Albert Lee Irey and Clara Xenia Willard Irey with Rosamond Irey and Sarah Genevieve Iray

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wooster High School, Wooster, Ohio 1913 Football Team Photo


Football roster: Paul Misseldine, Harry Statler, John Bricker, Edward Camp, John Brandt, Ellis Davenport, Ceylon Strong, Harlen Hauenstein, Ray Matz, Holland Slutz, Harry Mills, Luther King, John Carleton, Robert Spear, William Fulton, John Frick, Glenn Hawk, Edward Morre, Raymond Sidle

Roster includes the weight of many of the players - most weighted between 135-150 pounds!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Historic Hurricane Photos

Florida Archives On Line Exhibit Shows Images of Hurricanes Past

Photos of past hurricanes from a group of people gathered around a wrecked building in 1896 to a home damaged by Hurricane Dennis in 2005, are part of this on line photo gallery. Of special interest, photo from the 1928 Hurricane that devastated Belle Glade, FL in 1928.

View the photos at

To find more hurricane photographs, search on hurricane at the Florida Memory Collection

John A. Johnson High School, St. Paul, MN Football Team 1915 photo on line


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Football Roster: Weinmann - Captain, Bishop, Combs, Clausen, Anderson, Olson, Woll, Perrier, H. Johnson, Velat, Shaughnessy, Reserves: Sweet, Cadow, Moran, Wirth, Hogan, Hanke, Breen, R. Johnson, O'Dea, Hausener, Wahl. The coach was Mr. Adams.

More Minnesota Old Photos

Friday, June 02, 2006

Byerly Family Album: Unknown Faces from the Past


Byerly Family Album, a collection of 43 unknown photographs of men, women, babies, children from the late 1800s who may be friends or family members of the Byerly Family of Western Pennsylvania. The Album was in the collection of Emma Snyder and Charles W. Byerly.

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Granite Falls Museum Puts Photos On Line

Granite Falls, WA Historical Museum Puts 5000 Historic Photos On Line

Known for its displays of old technology, the Granite Falls Historical Museum is using new technology to build a wider audience.

Museum volunteers have put about 5,000 historic photos - its entire collection - online.

The museum has accumulated photos and other historic items since it opened in 1971. But there's a difference between collecting and a collection, museum spokesman Fred Cruger said.

"Now, we're trying to make it accessible," he said.

Officials have built a database of old photos and maps. Later this year, they hope to break ground on a new 3,000-square-foot building.

View the Collection

Read the Article from the Granite Falls Herald, June 2, 2006