Sunday, December 30, 2007

Butcher Shop, Oxford, Ohio early 1900s

The meat cutters in the photograph are unknown.
Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.

More Ohio Old Photos

Opening Downing Bridge, Near Warsaw, VA 1927 photo

A group of unknown folks at the opening of the Downing Bridge, near Warsaw, VA, February 16, 1927.
View the photo

Callaway Cornet Band, Callaway, NE 1907 Photo

Callaway Cornet Band 1907 Photo

The names of the musicians are unknown. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.
More Nebraska Old Photos

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Central High School, Buffalo, NY Relay Team 1903 Photo

View the photograph

Photo from a postcard mailed in 1903.

The names of the runners are unknown. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.

More New York Old Photos

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Old City Postcard Rag

Old City Postcard Rag from keyboardtunes

View it at Youtube - and leave your comments

Great Job Jim, blending the music and the old postcards!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Old Photos - added this week....

New Photos added this past week at

Philander and Josephine Rosbrugh and children
Lydia, Philander, H.G. Josephine Rosbrugh
Lola Rosburgh Martz
Josephine and Philander Rosburgh
Harry Rosburgh
Rosbrugh Family on the Farm
Philander and Josephine Rosbrugh
Alfred, Carl, Elsie, Annie, Evert and Roscoe Brugler
Ann Bennett Walcut
Brugler Family Reunion 1896
Brugler Family Gathering in Orchard 1896
Big Springs Cornet Band
Feed Store, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Dora Titus Boudley
Catherine Baxley
Ella Bowert, Mary Getts, Eliza Corwin and Janie Gardnew
Elsie & Evert Brugler
Frank, Laura, May and Salome Brugler
Frank, May, Salome and Laura Brugler
Salome Rosbrugh
Rosbrugh Grandchildren
Willy and H.G Rosbrugh with J.P. Johnson
Nate, Daisy, Verna, Eugene and Ralph Walcut
Lucy Porter and Billy
Lucy Porter
Katherine Titus Porter
Haymond Porter
Haymond Porter 1917
Haymond Porter 1917-18
Bill Porter 1944
Minnie Outland Swysgood
Jake and Minnie Outland Swysgood
Emerson Swysgood
Lucile Swysgood Predmore
Mattie Newman
Irene Newman
Irene Newman
Gilbert, Eva and Mattie Newman
Gilbert Newman
Eva Noble Newman
Eva Noble Newman
Ralph Knowles
Eliza Knowles
John Kennedy
Katherine Troup Kennedy
Jim, Jennie and Leslie Kennedy
Eicher, King, Harman Family
William Marsh Price
Morris and Viola Boatman and Family
Abraham and Mary Heilman and Family
Jacob and Catherine Heilman and Family
Michael and Elizabeth Lorett
Josephine Wilhemina Owen Smith Lorett
Tylersville, PA 1927
Unknown Children 1940s
Unknown Family
Marie (Mary) Beauchamp (Bush) Cassidy
Thomas Hines
Street Scene, Wheeler, Oregon 1940s
Public School, Helper, Utah
William Edwin Persons, Lydia Ann McVicker & Family
William Edwin Persons & Lydia Ann McVicker
Unknown Man - Fort Ontario, NY 1931
Christa Schöters Hochzeit and family 1959
Erna Klara and Frieda Lorenz and Family abt 1910
Erna Klara Lorenz 1921
Erna Klara Lorenz 1949
Rudolf Hermann Koalick 1936
Hosea Johnson
Grandchildren of Hosea and Nancy Johnson
Eliza Jane Harris Ingram
Hallie Harris
Silas & Elsie Harris
Beuse Hagerman
Okie Hagerman
Okie and Ethel Hagerman
Annie Hagerman
Annie Hagerman
Annie Hagerman
Abraham Franz
Abraham Franz
Anna Deardorf
Amy Jane Corwin Blair
Mobridge Band, Mobridge, South Dakota
Calvin and Irene Evans
LeRoy, Iowa Band
Hartshorne, OK Trolley at Alderson, Oklahoma
Southern Pacific Depot, Tucson, Arizona early 1900s
North Carolina A&T College Band, Greensboro, NC
Moonshiners, Thorsby, Alabama 1907
Mary Oliver
Cannamela sisters
Silas Granger
Mary and Louis Cannamela
Edith E Granger
The Cannamela boys
Wedding day
Henry Burton Mayo, Mary Catharine Lanter
Davis and Elizabeth Lanter
Davis Sisters
Sykesville Baseball Team
Sarah Elizabeth (Wolfgang) Tozier
Margaret Elsie Tozer Walker
Allan Eugene Bell
Peggy Lynn Bell
Leonard Bates Tozer
George Jones and family
Sarah Maria (Frantz) Walker and Henry William Walker
Frederick Michael Walker
Christina Zufall
Herbert and Effie Couch
Pauline Rebecca Walker
Gen. Joshua Chamberlain
Larkin Reed and Theodore Deatherage, Two Brothers
Modern Drug Store, Polk City, Florida, 1910-20s
United Brethren Church, Gwynneville, IN and Rev. A. E. Swarts
Old Frostburg School abt 1914
David A. Clabaugh and Mary L. Dunn Clabaugh
Francis Edwin Thorne
Francis Edwin Thorne
Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Pomeroy, PA 1907
Camps Company No. 2, Westport, CT
Sumter, SC Baseball Team 1908
Felix A. Dingle
Spotty and Her Two-Headed Calf, Brookville, Ohio
Brookville, Ohio Railroad Depot early 1900s
Archie Hoy and His Meat Market, Bryan, Ohio
The East Side, Bryan Ohio early 1900s
Bryan, Ohio Street Scene early 1900s
Caldwell, Idaho Street View early 1900s
Hotel Saratoga, Caldwell, Idaho
O. S. L. R. R. Depot, Caldwell, Idaho
Canyon County Courthouse, Caldwell, Idaho
South Broad Street, Cairo, GA early 1900s
Broad Street, Cairo, GA early 1900s
Union University, Jackson, TN 1934 Football Team
James Bestwick Jr.
Mary Huey
St. Joseph's Convent and St. Mary's Church, St. Marys, PA
Towne House Hotel, St Marys, PA
St Marys, PA Methodist Church
Elk County Home, St. Marys, PA
St. Marys High School, St. Marys, PA
George Ross Duke and family
Iris Audrey Farque Redus
James Duke
Jefferson Franklin Lewis
Hattie Bell Duke Tomlin
Hattie Bell Duke
Clifton Leroy Tomlin 1907
Hattie, Roy, Clarke and Clifton Tomlin
George Washington Davisson Family 1912
Mrs. John Davidson Porter
Rose Matthews Gordon
Deckards School, Deckards, PA 1908
Delbridge Family
Northwestern Orchestra, Meadville, PA
George Mooers
Pasquale and Donata Petrucci
Unknown Women, Houtzdale, PA
Unknown Man, New Castle, PA
Joseph R. Kline Family
Rev Nobel M Rompel and Velma Geary Rompel
Henry E Rompel and Katherina Demand Rompel
Unknown Woman
Robert E. Woodbury
Virginia Lee Leinart and Frederick Frances Nolan
William Edward Leinart and Cynthia Marie Maloch
Helen Louise Leinart and Robert Milton Rhea
Samuel Dunn Leinart

A. W. Trittipo General Store, Fishers, Indiana - photo

A. W. Trittipo General Store, Fishers, Indiana
Two unknown men, probably one is the proprietor. General store showing can goods, brooms, hats, a butcher case and other merchandise.
Photo from an early 1900s postcard.
More Indiana Old Photos

Big Springs Cornet Band, Big Springs, Ohio

Big Springs Cornet Band, Big Springs, Ohio

In the photograph: Ed Brugler, Art Barber, Minton Bush, George Brugler, Alfred Brugler, Harry Brugler, Will. Oglesbee, Marshall Brugler, John Quick Brugler, William Mayhaffy

Mason City Band, Mason City, Iowa photo early 1900s

The names of all of the band members are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some of them.

More Iowa Old Photos

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Unknown People at the Railroad Depot, Camas, WA

Photo from a postcard mailed in 1915 from Camas, Washington.
On the back of the photo "Grandma and family".
The photo might include members of the Shelt Family at Camas, Clark Co., WA.
The rest of the people in the photo are unknown. You might recognize some of them.

View the photo

More Washington Old Photos

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Herkimer High School, Herkimer, NY Class of 1915

Herkimer High School, Herkimer, NY Class of 1915

The names of the students are unknown. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.

Conroy Iowa School Photos

Conroy High School, Conroy, IA Class of 1941

In the photograph: Bernard Madoerin, Kathleen Olson, Vivian Furler, Irvin Martins, Ralph Wiebold, Shirley Hall, Joe McGrath, Vita McGrath, Robert Buser, and L. W. Vanderlinden, sponsor


Conroy High School, Conroy, IA 1940 Basketball Team

Surnames: McGrath, rest unknown.

You may recognize some of them.


Conroy High School, Conroy, IA 1941 Basketball Team

Surnames: McGrath, rest unknown. You may recognize some of them.

More Iowa Old Photos

Friday, December 14, 2007

Belvidere High School, Belvidere, IL 1930 Baseball Team

In the photograph: John Strawn, D. Grimm, ___ Bucklin, Lester Cunningham, Mr. Irving Breckenfeld, Kenneth Johnson, Maynard (?) Thorp, ___ King, Landis DeJarnatt, Marvin Paulson, ___ Avery, T. DeJarnatt, ___ Paulson, ___ Avery

View the photograph

More Illinois Old Photos

Union University, Jackson, TN 1934 Football Team

View the photograph

In the photograph: DeWitt Viar, ___ Lewis, Sheldon Carter, Francis Thompson, Paul Kilzer, Fred Baraga, ___ Lynch, ___ Garrison, Norman Burks, ___ Berryhill, Hubbard Trimm, Ernest Mullins, Raymond Phillips, Glen Johnson, Devoy Graham, Buddy Perry, Norman Hale, Joe B. Graham, Harlie Horne, M. C. Joyner, Odis Armstrong, John Alexander, Gerald Craig, John Rukavina, Bishop Arnold, Jack King, John Pechonick, Fate Lett, Lester Wright, Albert Kelly, R. L. Ammons

View more Tennessee Photos

Slide Show of Christmases Past

What a great idea! From Kim Komando's Advice Column on Personal Technology from

Q: I'm hosting my first Christmas. I have family coming from all over. I'd like to do something extra special. I want to create a slide show of Christmas pictures from past years. Any suggestions?

A: First, you'll need to scan old photographs, so fire up your scanner. Your monitor can probably display photos at 96 or 72 pixels per inch. So, set your scanner to 96 dots per inch. Are you planning to print or enlarge the photos? Then, set the scanner at 300 dpi or higher, depending on how much you want to enlarge them. Once your photos are scanned, you're ready to create your slide show. I prefer to use Microsoft's Photo Story. You'll find a link to it at

Now to get out the old photos and make that DVD....

More Newspapers on Line

Todays 24/7 Family History Journal Reports that new newsapers have been added to the Historic Newspaper Collection at What's new? Papers from AZ, HI, LA, SC, TN, TX, WY and also PA, VT, RI and Canada. The list ---

U. S. Newspapers

Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff, AZ 1946-1977

Yuma Daily Sun, Yuma, AZ 1935-1977

Middle Pacific Stars and Stripes, Honolulu, HI 1945-1946

Ruston Daily Leader, Ruston, LA 1900, 1930, 1933, 1938-1977

The Derrick, Oil City, PA 1954-1977

Newport Mercury, Newport, RI 1882, 1866, 1882-1928, 1972-1974

Florence Morning News, Florence, SC 1929-1977

The Kingsport News, Kingsport, TN 1942-1977

El Paso Herald Post, El Paso, TX 1931-1977

San Antonio Daily Express, San Antonio, TX 1874-1899

Bennington Banner, Bennington, VT 1961-1977

Big Piney Examiner, Big Piney, WY selected years 1913-1925, 1945-1965

Pinedale Roundup, Pinedale, WY 1904-1977

Free Trial - to view all of the US Newspapers (and the rest of the Ancestry US Collection)

Canada Newspapers

Lethbridge Daily Herald, Lethbridge, Alberta selected years 1908-1925

Brandon Sun, Brandon, Manitoba 1961-1977

Free Press Evening Bulletin, Winnipeg, Manitoba Oct 10, 1932

Free Press Evening News Bulletin, Winnipeg, Manitoba Oct 16, 1900

Manitoba Free Press Daily, Winnipeg, Manitoba Nov 23, 1891

Winnepeg Free Press - Winnepeg Tribune, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1945-1946

Winnepeg Tribune - Winnepeg Free Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba Selected issues, 1945-1946

Free Trial to view the Canada Newspapers (and the rest of

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Land Agents, Sunnyside, Utah, early 1900s

Land Agents and unknown men in Sunnyside, Utah, probably from the early 1900s.

View the photograph

Great Northern Station, Ray, ND early 1900s

Photo of the Great Northern Train Station in Ray, North Dakota.

View the photograph

Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Jersey Newspaper Indexes

New Jersey Newspaper Indexes - Free until December 13 at World Vital Records

Michael Brownʼs New Jersey Newspaper Indexes includes the following newspapers: Political Intelligencer and New Jersey Advertiser 1783-1786, Times and New Jersey Union 1859-1868, and the New Brunswick Daily Times 1872-1881, 1887-1891.

These indexes are a compilation of obituaries, marriage and death announcements, injuries, accidents, arrests, social happenings, and other significant local and regional items of interest.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Great Register 1916 - San Luis Obispo County, CA

The 1916 Great Register Transcription Project - the index to the Great Register for the General Election in San Luis Obispo County, California, done in 1916 - is complete.

The list includes name, occupation and post office address for Almond, Arroyo Grande Atascadero, Avila, Branch, Cambria, Cayucos, Cholame, Chorro, Corral de Piedra, Creston, Elkorn, Estrella, Huasna, Huer Huero, Josephine, La Panza, Las Pilitas, Las Tablas, Los Berros, Los Osos, Lynch, Morro, Nipomo, Oceano, Orcutt, Oso Flaco, Paso Robles, Pismo, Pozo, San Luis Obispo, San Miguel, San Simeon, Santa Margarita, Shandon, Simmler, Templeton, and Union.

Great Job. I'm sure many hours of work went in to transcribing this list!

View it on line at

Chicago Births, Deaths & Marriages on line soon...

Cook County Illinois Birth, Death and Marriage Records to go online in January....

Professional genealogists and people interested in researching their family tree will soon be able to access key records from home instead of ordering by mail or traipsing down to a musty office in the Loop, Cook County Clerk David Orr said Thursday.If all goes as planned, newly digitized versions of county records such as birth and death certificates and marriage licenses will be available beginning in January on one searchable Web site that will revolutionize how such research is done, Orr said.

Great news! You'll be able to search the records on line and then order copies.

The Web site is part of a massive yearlong effort to digitize the county's 24 million vital records, which date to 1871, when record-keeping began after the Chicago Fire wiped out previous stockpiles, clerk's office spokeswoman Kelley Quinn said.

Scanning and indexing each record was completed in June, and the county is uploading about 1 million files per week into a computer server, a process that is expected to be complete by the end of the year, Quinn said.

Read the full article on line at the Chicago Tribune. Thanks to Karima for mentioning this on the ILROOTS mailing list.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gladwin High School & Beaverton High School Michigan Yearbooks Needed

Gladwin High School Yearbooks needed at library Gladwin County

The Gladwin County District Library and the Gladwin County Genealogical Society are looking for the following yearbooks to be placed in the Genealogy and History Room.

Beaverton: all before 1965, 1969, 1970, 1973-1978, 1981, 1982, 1991.
Gladwin: 1924, 1925, 1927-1945, 1949, 1950, 1953, 1957, 1961, 1965, 1983, 1984, 1990, 1991, 2006.

Researchers use these yearbooks when they are assembling information for class reunions, looking for a classmate, looking for former teachers or looking for family members when doing their genealogical family tree.

From the Gladwin County Record

Pope County AR Library Genealogy Dept Receives $86,910

Thank you, Laura Shull

The Pope County Library board expressed pleasure at receiving the check from Laura Shull's estate, at the monthly meeting Wednesday, Aug. 15. The check, for $86,910.49, was from the final distribution sale of Ms. Shull's property, which she bequeathed to the Katie Murdoch Genealogy and History department at the Russellville branch of the Pope County Library, where she worked for several years.

Ms. Shull died Dec. 9 at age 69. She had been a part-time worker in the history and genealogy department of the library for several years after retiring as a longtime reporter for The Courier newspaper. She was also an avid researcher for the Pope County Historical Association, which she served as quarterly editor for several years.

Read the full article from the Atkins Chronicle Online

Main Street, Woods Hole, MA early 1900s

Photo from and early 1900s postcard.

Citizens Band, New London, Ohio

View the photograph

The names of the musicians are unknown. You may recognize some of them.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Uhrichsville High School, Uhrichsville, Ohio 1922 Football Team Photo

View the photograph

On the team: Al J. Hibbs - football manager, Ralph Laporte - asst football manager, Earl Kinsey - football captain, Carl Maurer - football captain-elect, Delbert Waud, Edward Bender, Frances J. Carnes, Wesley Page, Ralph Dempster, Chester Lint, Eugene Bowser, John Green, Leslie Peoples, Frank McClellan, Walter DeVault, Harold Long.

The rest of the players in the photograph are unknown. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.

More Ohio Old Photos

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thorp High School, Thorp, Wisconsin Class of 1939 photo

Class of 1939 photographed when they were sophomores in 1937.

View the photograph

In the photograph: Joseph Krych, N. Peleschak, J. Broda, E. Kobylarczyk, J. Badzinski, H. Coates, M. Millus, Chester Zajaczkowski, L. Burss, R. Gotter, Louie Sobolewski, O. (Billy?) Boardman, A. Sierocuik, J. Niedzwiecki, V. Dombrowski, Kenneth Brenner, M. Bauer, Ann Bogumill, Irene Kulig, Marjorie Bogumill, Lucretia Huls, Dawn Ehlert, Rachael Schmidt, Mary Boehm, M. Czernicki, Pauline Lendoski, Jeanette Zielanis, A. Abramczuk, V. Baker, B. Barth, Ethel Frinack, E. Gajda, Miss Gloria Slauson, Eleanor Kutnarowski, Adele Rosemeyer, M. Harycki, Stuart Walsdorf, S. Skowronski, D. Haas, Harvey Brandsness, L. Sopiarz, Willard Ustruck, C. Cukla, Teddy Papierniak, Carol Marshall, Agnes Konieczny, M. Kozikoski, D. Weinberger.

O. Boardman is listed as being in the photo. In the write up accompanying the photo in the 1937 yearbook, a Billy Boardman is listed as being a sophomore.

More Wisconsin Old Photos

Friday, August 17, 2007

Descended from Pirates?

From Nick Britten of --

Surnames that reveal Pirate ancestry

With all that pillaging and looting, it could be one of the bloodiest reunions in history when descendants of six of Britain's famous pirates are invited to a get-together.

People with the surnames Morgan, Rackham, Bonny, Read, Kidd or Teach, are being invited to discover possible connections with the likes of Blackbeard and Calico Jack, in a series of events by English Heritage. Dressing as a sea dog is optional.

Read full article

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Coshocton High School Coshocton Ohio 1927 Baseball Team Photo

View the photograph

In the photograph: Stanley Plummer, Noble Seward, Donald Stoker, Max Hodge, Howard Stewart, Donald Stuff, Richard Wisenburg, Robert Lightell, Victor Watts, Walter Miller, Raymond Scherrer, Harvey Myers, Harry Parrish, Coach Schmuck.

More Ohio Old Photos

Central High School, Providence, Rhode Island Girls Field Hockey Team 1934

View the photograph

In the photograph: Geraldine Vance, Anna Emma, Alma Wainwright, Dorothy Hand - captain, Rose Zanfagna, Francis Lindbloom, Elizabeth Barden, Margaret Davenport, Naomi Jennings, Miss Zeisnitz - coach; Josephine Simperly, Edna Warwick, Jeannette Mosher, Anna Gunaris, Angela Ungaro, Josephine Carnevale, Helen Carroll, Robyna Chatalian, Ida Green

More Rhode Island Old Photos

Canaan High School, Canaan, Connecticut Class of 1938 Photo

View the photograph

In the photograph: Marianne Hopf, Dorothy Breen, Eileen Gaylord, Tracy Beaupre, Mrs. May Camp - principal, F. B. Richardson, Margaret Beebe, Mary Gasperni, Evelyn Rockwell, Frances Bate, Lena Pescador, Pauline Benoit, Lucille Smith, Gertrude Gustafson, Bessie Couch, Betty Brown, Vivian Laffarque, Lena Bosworth, Elizabeth Beaupre, Harriet Rice, Back Arthur Lorch, Lorren Reel, Willis Blodgett, Joseph Fungo, Bruno Piretti, Warren Blass, Bernard Tierney, Gene Alquesta, Robert Avery.

More Connecticut Old Photos

Salisbury, North Carolina 8th Grade Football Team 1907

View the photograph

8th Grade football team at the graded school in Salisbury, NC in 1907.

The players and the coach are unknown. You might recognize some of them.

More North Carolina Old Photos

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Looking for old photos of Decaturville, Tennessee

Do you have old pictures of Decaturville? Especially of interest are pictures of buildings. The old photos are being collected to create a limited edition collage for framing and note cards.

This is an effort to preserve as much of the history of Decaturville as possible. The results will be sold at the Main Street Festival on Oct. 20. The funds will be used by Main Street Association for the festival as well as for beautification projects.
Read full article with contact information from the Jackson Sun, Jackson, TN

Friday, July 06, 2007

Leonardtown, Maryland Volunteer Fire Department

View the photograph

Photo of the Volunteer Fire Department and their firetruck, probably taken in the 1940s.

The names of the firemen are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some of them.

More Maryland Old Photos

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Minnesota Tornado Photos

Anoka, Minnesota 1939 Tornado Photos

13 photos of the aftermath of the deadly tornado that hit Anoka, MN on June 18, 1939.

View the photos
Read about the tornado at

Fergus Falls, Minnesota 1919 Tornado Photos

7 photos of the aftermath of the deadly tornado that killed 59 people in Fergus Falls, MN on June 22, 1919.

View the photos
Read about the tornado at

Rochester, Minnesota 1883 Tornado Photos

3 illustrations and 1 photo of the aftermath of the deadly tornado that killed at 37 people in Rochester, MN on August 21, 1883

View the photos
Read about the tornado at

Winona, Minnesota 1907 Tornado Photo

Photo of the aftermath of the deadly tornado that hit Winona, MN on Aug 6, 1907.

View the photo
Read about the tornado at

More Minnesota Old Photos

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kalona High School, Kalona, Iowa 1953 Football Team Photo

View the photograph

In the photograph: Loren Spicher, Daryl Fry, Bob Alt, Phil Marner, Jim Harland, Melvin Yoder, Ray Venzke, Rich Gingerich, Dick Sakulin, Wesley Butterbaugh, Keith Pieper, Warren Rhodes, Don Speas, Coach Harry S. Billings, Phil Preston, Gene Scriven, Harold Fisher, Jon Harland, Everett Speas, Rich Sleichter, Jim White, Dale Venzke, Joe Kos, Larry Kern, Larry Strabala, Bob Spenner, Asst. Coach Dill

More Iowa Old Photos

Friday, June 29, 2007

Piggott Arkansas Library & Genealogy Society Receive Thousands of Old Photographs

Thousands of archival photographs, some dating back to the turn of the 20th century, were donated to the Piggott Public Library, and Clay County Genealogy Society, Piggott, Arkansas, last week by the staff of The Piggott Times.

The photographs, most of which appeared on the pages of the newspaper, had been collecting dust in a storage area for many years.

Read article from The Piggott Times

Finding Your Ancestors on the Map has just added a collection of 1200 U. S. County Land Ownership Atlases maps ranging from 1864-1918, across 34 states. The county map books detail each township, town and village showing the location of each landowner's property.

Your great-great grandfather's name may be on one of these maps! Up until now, for the most part, viewing these maps meant a trip to the county's historical society and with a magnifying glass pouring over the hundreds of names printed in small type for each township. The online digitizing of this collection is a tremendous genealogy aid. Not only are the maps online - they are searchable! And, you can zoom in 200%. Within minutes of searching the maps, I found ancestors that I had given up looking for!

The 24/7 Ancestry Family Circle had an excellent suggestion for plugging the township maps into Google Earth and actually seeing what your ancestors' property looks like today!

View the U. S. County Landowner Maps

Shown above is a section of Fairview Township from the 1873 Mercer County, PA Atlas, one of the map sets in the collection. This image was scanned from a hard copy of the maps and is not an image from the online collection.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, Connecticut Class of 1928 Photo

View the photograph

The class of 1928 photographed when they were juniors in 1927.

Class roster: Ruth Clements, Elizabeth Curtis, Clara Jacobsen, Vera Keduck, E. Mae Manion, Eleanor Mansur, Bessie Miller, M. Ruth Viets, Willard Beebe, Edward Betters, Jr., Daniel Douglas, David Eddy, Robert Lynch, Howard Painter, Fayette Phelps, H. Duane Rowley, Alvin Wood, Stanley Zaltauskus

More Connecticut Old Photos

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Leander Clark College, Toledo, Iowa Class of 1917

View the photograph

The Class of 1917 photographed when they were freshmen.

In the photograph: Thomas McMillan, Jacob Firkins, Ruth Hanson, Mr. Hufford, Miss Scanlon, Mr. Sime, Mr. Applegate, Miss Yonge, Miss Ebersole, Miss Harold, Flossie Lease, Miss Dawson, Miss McAnulty, Miss Smith, Miss Speake, Mr. Friday, Gertrude Breaw, Miss Hooper, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Mowbray, Roscoe Patton, Mr. Repp, M. Sauer, Mr. Lyon, A. Riggs

The first names of many of the students are unknown. You may know some of them. They could be your ancestors.

More Iowa Old Photos

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marietta, Ohio 1913 Flood Photos

View the Photographs

Twenty photos of the devastating 1913 Flood as it covered the town of Marietta, OH. Views show waterlogged street scenes and buildings, canoe transportation and photos of the wake of destruction left in the aftermath of the flood. Several of the photographs include Marietta residents and rescuers. Could these be your ancestors?

More Ohio Old Photos

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dover High School, Dover, Delaware 1893 Football Team Photo

View the photograph

The names of the players are unknown. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.

Could one of these men be your great grandfather? Or another ancestor? The men in the photo were probably born about 1876-1879.

More Old Photos

Elkhart High School, Elkhart, Indiana 1932 Football Team Photo

View the photograph

In the photograph: Players - Sinning, Checcio, Doll, K. Jackson, Russo, W. Laurer, B. Laurer, Gianinno, Weaver, Sellers, Hook, Foster, Robert Cutshaw, B. Shaw, Al LaDow, Ronzone, Rinker, Ackley, , Reasoner, Hartman, Capps,Fribley, Ingram, Martin, Nicholson, P. Jordan, Ball, Rowe, Hooper, Smithers, Holtz, Rinaldi, M. Shaw, Simmons, Jones, Trencer, H. Jenks, Holdeman, Elliot, H. Grove, Hapner, Culp, D. Le Fevre, Bowers, Miller, Cummins, Sweitzer, Wenzel, Ritter, Grossnickel, Borneman, Patanelli - captain, Rose, Gruber, M. Jenks, Davis, Crouch, Plank, W. Le Fevre, Huntington, Church

Trainers Rutter, Kelly, Rhodes, Giant, Hartman

Coaches Boon, Moss, Longfellow

More Indiana Old Photos

Thorp High School, Thorp, Wisconsin 1927 Basketball Team Photo

View the photograph

In the photograph: William Boardman - manager, Frank Winniarczyk, Lyle Asselin, Ronald Danies, Willard Ustruck, Coach Lawrence Anderson, John Barski, Harvey Brandsness, Jack Boardman, Robert Chudy, Byron Boie

More Wisconsin Old Photos

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fresno High School, Fresno, California 1914 Basketball Team Photo

View the photograph

In the photograph: Jean Vincenz, Elvin Thornburg, ____ Crawford - manager, ___ Leyden, James Ralston, Irving Toomey, Al Rasmussen, Douglas Uridge - captain, J. W. Warner - coach.

More California Old Photos

Indiana State Normal School, Terre Haute, Indiana 1926 Baseball Team Photo

View the Photograph

In the photograph: Howard Wood, ____ Breidenbaugh, Forest Parks, Coach Arthur L. Strum, ____ Crecelius, ____Wills, ____Vickers, Aaron Albright, ____ Altekruse, William MacPherson, Carl Henry Fromme - captain, Claude Piker, Charles Taylor, James Chestnut, William Eder, Deryl Hedge.

More Indiana Old Photos

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hickory High School, Hickory, PA 1944 Basketball Team Photo

At Pennsylvania History & Genealogy Blog -

Hickory High School, Hickory, PA 1944 Basketball Team Photo

Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, Connecticut Class of 1929 Photo

View the photograph

The Class of 1929 when they were sophomores in 1927.

Class Roster: Bertel Anderson, Ruth Barnard, Bella Bercowetz, Emily Chase, Cora Coleman, Stuart Coles, Grace Curtis, Sarah Donatelli, Fedora Ferraresso, Lillian George, Lawrence Granger, Elvera Kjellquist, Annie Kripes, Sheldon Ladd, Dorothy Lagan, Helen Larsen, Wayland Loomis, Anna Lynch, Frederick Machholz, Jessie Milvae, Gertrude Painter, Marie Pelser, Rufus Peterson, Frances Petschke, Alan Root, Marion Saracenco, Frank Smith, Clara Soule, Arthur Zinser.

More Connecticut Old Photos

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dim the Lights & Get the Popcorn.... Watch World War II Newsreels

Settle back into your easy chair... or rather computer chair... for a special screening of World War II Movie Reels.

"United News" Newsreels, were produced produced by the U. S. Office of War Information (OWI) from 1942-1946. These 10 minute motion picture propaganda films, promoted patriotism and were shown in movie theatres across the United States and in foreign countries.

And now they're showing on line on your computer at All 267 of them.

See Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Joe Lewis, Bing Crosby, James Cagney, Judy Garland, Harpo Marx, Mickey Rooney and other celebrities. And, General McArthur, President Roosevelt, General Eisenhower, Henry Ford, J. Edgar Hoover, General Patton, Walt Disney, Eddie Rickenbacker, Winston Churchill, and many others

Watch Marines raise the flag on Iwo Jima, see bombs and artillery shells splatter the terrain, generals inspect the troops and witness as Japanese officials sign the final surrender.

View the newsreels: WWII ‘United News’ Newsreels, 1942-1946

Bring a lot of popcorn.

Whatcom High School, Bellingham, Washington 1924 Girls Basketball Team Photo

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Players: Freda B. Slater, Eleanor Griffith, Irene Davidson - captain, Mae Goodman, Edna Mae Hill, Amy Ritchie, Thelma Newell, Abbie Peterson, Opal Roaney, Mary McCush.

Two of the players are not in the photograph.

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Union City High School, Union City, PA Freshmen Class 1932 Photo

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Union City High School, Union City, PA Freshmen Class 1932 Photo

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Colby College, Waterville, Maine 1917 Glee Club Photo

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In the photograph: Hugh Spencer Pratt, Winthrop Lambert Webb, Lloyd Lester Davis, Ernest Raymond Scribner, Herbert Lee Newman, Ellsworth Prince - accompanist, Carl Webster Robinson, Clifton Marcellus Tracy, Jonas Gleason Perry, Wallace Gerry Hastings, Ralph Curry Hughes, John Arthur Stowell, Harold Raymond Speare, John Foster Choate, Robert Tyrrell Carey, Guy Edward Rouse, Raymond Oliver Brinkman.

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Homer P. Little

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Central High School, Houston, Texas 1925 Girls Basketball Team Photo

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Central High School, Houston, Texas 1925 Girls Basketball Team Photo

Parma High School, Parma, Idaho 1937 Basketball Team Photo

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Players: Dale Olson, Edward Platt, Frank Smart, Donald Fisher, Bowman Vertrees, Harvey Pritchard, Warren Thornburgh, Freddie Hulz, Theron Gough.

The coach was Vilas M. Brandt.

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Southmont High School, Johnstown, PA 1939-40 Basketball Team Photo

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Canton, Ohio 1906 Football Team Photo

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In the photograph: Ernst, Schrontz, Thorpe, Cure, Wallace, Murphy, Rilley, Townsend, Sheldon, Lang, Reemsnyder, Stevenson, Sweet and Steinberg.
The first names of the players are unkonwn.

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Jenkintown Junior High School, Jenkintown, PA Students 1926 Photo

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Jenkintown Junior High School, Jenkintown, PA Students 1926 Photo

Bloom Township High School Baseball Team, Chicago Heights, IL 1924

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The names of the players are unknown. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.

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North Central High School, Spokane, Washington Band 1925 Photo

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In the photograph: Edwin Curtis, Edward Haynes, Harleigh Lines, Joe Pearson, David Kaye, Victor Schatz, Lawrance Thompson John Huneke, Lewis Stevens, Russell Acton, Chester Griffith, Fred Stejer, Gene Balch, Bill Ross, Franklin Jacobs, Merton Poole, Arthur Becker, Joe Monk, Charles Hulick, John Cox, Colwyn Jones, Clifton Holm, Ronald Rice, Don Bonser, Elmer Anderberg, Lawrance Lewis, Richard McBroom, Sam Knight, George Sander, Leslie Fleming, Elliot Joyner, Horton McLucas, Cottrell Henry, Gilbert Schade, Russell Hickey, Leonard Johnson, George Fleming, Walter McLain, Norman McGinty, Floyd Carr, Howard Doust, Edwin Slate, Lawrance Totten, Clarence Kasline, Donald Studulska, Wesley Ross, Harold Anderson, Philip Redford, Leland White, Tom McNiell, Floyd Tesarik, Willard Sisson, Carlton Glader, Philip Lewis, Bill Jennings, Courtland Lohr, Eugene Brazier, Vincent Henry, Cetus Bailey, Robert Wehemeier, Robert Lockhead, William Steenbergen, Dave Wallace, Wellington Forgus, Everette Nelson, John Armstrong, Newton Vinther, Russell McNiell, Howard Austin, James Albert Bigger, Lowry Bennett, Rex Fairborn, Don Ross, George Graham, Art Ross, Bob Sater, Harold Ostrander.

Director - Lowell C. Bradford

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