Friday, June 29, 2007

Piggott Arkansas Library & Genealogy Society Receive Thousands of Old Photographs

Thousands of archival photographs, some dating back to the turn of the 20th century, were donated to the Piggott Public Library, and Clay County Genealogy Society, Piggott, Arkansas, last week by the staff of The Piggott Times.

The photographs, most of which appeared on the pages of the newspaper, had been collecting dust in a storage area for many years.

Read article from The Piggott Times

Finding Your Ancestors on the Map has just added a collection of 1200 U. S. County Land Ownership Atlases maps ranging from 1864-1918, across 34 states. The county map books detail each township, town and village showing the location of each landowner's property.

Your great-great grandfather's name may be on one of these maps! Up until now, for the most part, viewing these maps meant a trip to the county's historical society and with a magnifying glass pouring over the hundreds of names printed in small type for each township. The online digitizing of this collection is a tremendous genealogy aid. Not only are the maps online - they are searchable! And, you can zoom in 200%. Within minutes of searching the maps, I found ancestors that I had given up looking for!

The 24/7 Ancestry Family Circle had an excellent suggestion for plugging the township maps into Google Earth and actually seeing what your ancestors' property looks like today!

View the U. S. County Landowner Maps

Shown above is a section of Fairview Township from the 1873 Mercer County, PA Atlas, one of the map sets in the collection. This image was scanned from a hard copy of the maps and is not an image from the online collection.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, Connecticut Class of 1928 Photo

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The class of 1928 photographed when they were juniors in 1927.

Class roster: Ruth Clements, Elizabeth Curtis, Clara Jacobsen, Vera Keduck, E. Mae Manion, Eleanor Mansur, Bessie Miller, M. Ruth Viets, Willard Beebe, Edward Betters, Jr., Daniel Douglas, David Eddy, Robert Lynch, Howard Painter, Fayette Phelps, H. Duane Rowley, Alvin Wood, Stanley Zaltauskus

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Leander Clark College, Toledo, Iowa Class of 1917

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The Class of 1917 photographed when they were freshmen.

In the photograph: Thomas McMillan, Jacob Firkins, Ruth Hanson, Mr. Hufford, Miss Scanlon, Mr. Sime, Mr. Applegate, Miss Yonge, Miss Ebersole, Miss Harold, Flossie Lease, Miss Dawson, Miss McAnulty, Miss Smith, Miss Speake, Mr. Friday, Gertrude Breaw, Miss Hooper, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Mowbray, Roscoe Patton, Mr. Repp, M. Sauer, Mr. Lyon, A. Riggs

The first names of many of the students are unknown. You may know some of them. They could be your ancestors.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marietta, Ohio 1913 Flood Photos

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Twenty photos of the devastating 1913 Flood as it covered the town of Marietta, OH. Views show waterlogged street scenes and buildings, canoe transportation and photos of the wake of destruction left in the aftermath of the flood. Several of the photographs include Marietta residents and rescuers. Could these be your ancestors?

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dover High School, Dover, Delaware 1893 Football Team Photo

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The names of the players are unknown. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them.

Could one of these men be your great grandfather? Or another ancestor? The men in the photo were probably born about 1876-1879.

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Elkhart High School, Elkhart, Indiana 1932 Football Team Photo

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In the photograph: Players - Sinning, Checcio, Doll, K. Jackson, Russo, W. Laurer, B. Laurer, Gianinno, Weaver, Sellers, Hook, Foster, Robert Cutshaw, B. Shaw, Al LaDow, Ronzone, Rinker, Ackley, , Reasoner, Hartman, Capps,Fribley, Ingram, Martin, Nicholson, P. Jordan, Ball, Rowe, Hooper, Smithers, Holtz, Rinaldi, M. Shaw, Simmons, Jones, Trencer, H. Jenks, Holdeman, Elliot, H. Grove, Hapner, Culp, D. Le Fevre, Bowers, Miller, Cummins, Sweitzer, Wenzel, Ritter, Grossnickel, Borneman, Patanelli - captain, Rose, Gruber, M. Jenks, Davis, Crouch, Plank, W. Le Fevre, Huntington, Church

Trainers Rutter, Kelly, Rhodes, Giant, Hartman

Coaches Boon, Moss, Longfellow

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Thorp High School, Thorp, Wisconsin 1927 Basketball Team Photo

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In the photograph: William Boardman - manager, Frank Winniarczyk, Lyle Asselin, Ronald Danies, Willard Ustruck, Coach Lawrence Anderson, John Barski, Harvey Brandsness, Jack Boardman, Robert Chudy, Byron Boie

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