Thursday, December 28, 2006

East High School, Rochester, NY Baseball Team 1939

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In the photograph: Fred Lind, Gianforti, Strub, George Histed, Coach McKay, Loeffler, Smith, Emanuel Agnello, Joos - manager, Shoemaker, Drexler, Latucca, Collins, Vyverbert, Frank Palmisano, Lee Banke, DeVos, Smith, Piccone.

More New York Old Photos

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Butler High School, Butler, Indiana Freshman Class Photo 1925

The Future Class of 1928

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In the photograph: Donald Blaker, Robert Cather, John Campbell, Wilda Christoffel, Howard Dean, Ureyl Dever, Pauline Deck,Amber Fee, Vara Fifer, Homer Firestone, Harold Gingrich, Randall Grogg, Audrey Garbrie, Russel Grogg, Robert Hablawetz, Donna Higley, Charles Herman, Vernetha Hemenway, Lucile Hamman, Velda Huntington, Roland Hollinger, John Haverstock, Paul Kissinger, Robert King, Majel Knox, Golda Loomis, Drayton Loomis, Dale Loomis, Russell Lyons,Kermit Miser, Walter Mountz, Harold Milliman, Aletha Mavis, Wanda McClellan, Maxine Nearpass, Ruth Noragon, Paul Oberlin, Louise Piffer, Mable Porter, Robert Poffenberger, Gertrude Rosenbery, Redina Richmond, Wava Robinson, Russel Shoup, Elmer Snyder, Marcelle Smith, Virginia Stone, Bessie May Snyder, Loren Spake, Stella Sprow, Raymond Wise, Leora Yarlot

More Indiana Old Photos

Ballard High School, Seattle, Washington 1937 Basketball Champions

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In the photograph: Players Hank Malde, Harold Anderson, Earl Johnson, Omar Stensen, Sig Sigurdson, Bill Williams, Len Malde, George Mitchell, Harold Wanser, Mel Kasen, Bill Fleming, George Smith and Bob Gislason and Coach Frank Rowlee. Lions Club member Robert D. Bone is shown presenting a trophy to the team.

More Washington Old Photos

Monday, December 18, 2006

Pitts Family Gathering abt 1912

Pitts Family Gathering abt 1912 on line at
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Pitts family gathering around 1912 - Location near Big Cabin, Craig Co., OK at Alexander L. Pitts' Ranch, Children and grandchildren of Alex L. & Martha (Huckaby) Pitts. You might recognize some of these family members and may be able to identify the unknowns. In the photograph --

Left to Right
Boy on horse: Lewis Lucian Pitts b. 1904, son of Joe Pitts
Alexander L. Pitts
Martha Ann (Huckaby) Pitts, his wife
Tall man: Joseph Carroll "Joe" Pitts
Woman behind chair: Rueldine states that "this has to be Mary Virginia "Ginnie" (Pitts) Hackett"
Baby in chair: Helen Hacker
Man with hat: Jim Hacker
Boy child in front of man with hat: One of Joe's boys, Curtis L. Pitts b. c 1908
Woman R of man with hat: A girlfriend of Bertha (Pitts) Clagett. Name not known.
Girl child in front of woman: Joe's younger daughter, Viola Opal Pitts b. c 1906
Young man 4th from the left – Albert Pitts b. 1890
Girl in front of Albert Pitts : Joe's daughter, Ruby (Pitts) Harmon (she had an older sister and younger sister)
Girl standing R of Albert - Bertha (Pitts) Claggett b. 1894
Young girl standing in front of to the R: Joe's oldest daughter, Lydia Pitts b. c 1901
Young Man 2nd from the R - Frank Pitts (thin face) b. 1892
Young Man on the far R - Dee Pitts (round/square face) b. 1888

More Pitts Family Photos on line at
Albert Pitts
Alexander L. Pitts and Martha Ann Huckaby Pitts
Clifford E. Pitts
Doyle B. Pitts
Doyle B. Pitts
Doyle B. Pitts and Unknown Servicemen
Doyle B. Pitts and Charlie Marie Thomas
Frank Pitts and Martha Huckaby Pitts

Frank Pitts and Myrtle Mae Lester Pitts

New Old Photographs

New and Recently Added Old Photographs at

Dr. Sam Acree
Harlen Acree and Linda Blair Wedding Photo
Harlan Acree Gang
Charles Adams

Benjamin Lawrence Adkins and Minnie May George with Lillian and Clifford
Children of Samuel A. Adkins
Elvira A. Grant Adkins
Isabelle "Belle" Adkins Smith
Jeff D. and Belle Adkins Smith Family
Lillian May Adkins
Lillian May Adkins Kirkpatrick
Louise Gladys Adkins Palmer
Samuel A Adkins
Samuel A. Adkins and Sarah Rebecca Stice
Samuel Andrew Adkins and Sarah Rebecca Stice
Samuel Andrew Adkins
Samuel A Adkins Family 1891
Samuel A Adkins
Ruth Allebach
George Frank Allen Family
Lawrence H. Platt and Mary Magdalene Allen
Joseph Chandler Amsberry
Francis Adam Amsberry and Family
William Daniel Amsberry and Amanda J. "Jennie" Myers Amsberry with Ruth
Elizabeth Ausel
Ronald Bankson
James S. Bartlett and Golda D. Sadler
Velma Lucille Bartlett
Lena Bisker
James Milton Bearse
Jacob Bonewitz and Malinda Ann Mossburg
Justine, Elizabeth, and Ada Brickley
Fred LeRoy Brooks and Pauline Kadlovec Wedding
Harriett Annette Brock
John L. Brock
Marietta Brock Cole, Mary Anne Keep Brock, and Florence Brock Byham
Bruce Allen Brown
Jane Steele Caldwell
Timothy Caldwell
Robert Jay Cole with George and Richard McCracken
Ernestine Collins
Moses Lafayette Cornelius and Phebe Kessiah Glover
Moses Cornelius Family
Loron and Mary Davis Wedding 1910
David Earl Deardorf and Tinsie Ethel Amsberry Deardorf with Earlene Vivian Deardorf
Alba W. Doty
Hattie B. Gould Doty
Kathleen Dowlan
John Hiram Epperson
John Hiram Epperson and Nancy Mouck Family
Louise Farren
Evelyn Tomlinson Gabler
William James Gault
Victoria Margaret Keller Gault
Edna Zola Warren Gault
William Calvin Goodman
Eugene Hagan
Elizabeth M. Harris Osborn
Bernard Haumesser
John Hershelman
Norine Hill
Margaret Hollabaugh
Hubert James
Atlanta Bonnett Langdon
Eugene Thomas Lennie Sr and Marlis Jane Smith
Richard Lobaugh
William Richard and Perneacy Robinson Love Farmstead, Reno Co., Kansas
Beulah May Sadler Lucius
Lucille Violet McLaughlin
Mary Morgan
Francis Norton Mossman and Family
John E. Mossburg Family
Dorothy Nuth
William Henry "Bill" O'Hara and Helen Marjorie Epperson O'Hara
Randolph Page
John Riley Pitzer
Chauncey Powell and Anna Etta Hort
Ethel Ione Pulber Smith
Lavina Vinnie Snyder Pulber with two unknown people
Edward Richards
Esther Ruth Rosen
Esther Ruth Rosen 1929
Marie Emma Rosen
William Sheehan
Old Skiles Home abt 1910 Holdrege, Nebraska
Roy and Sadie Skiles Wedding 1913
Skiles Family 1940
Cora Bell Boone Smith
John Wesley Smith
Harvey Monroe Thomas and Phillip Bradley Pitts
Maggie Mae Cornelius Thomas
James Marion Thompson
John C. Thompson
Annie O'Dell Wagoner Weller and Grace Marie Weller with an unknown girl
George Conrad Weller
Maurice Pauline Weller, Grace Marie Weller, and Evon Frank Weller
Anzel Lake Whittaker and Velma Lucille Barnett with Rachel Gayle Whittaker
Helen Wilkens
Glenn G. Williams and Rhoda B. English Family
William Wilson Jr.

All of these can be reached from the main page - and the more new photos link - or the search box located at the top and bottom of each page. View the photos

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Colby College, Waterville, Maine Baseball Team 1900

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In the photograph: Horace Wellman Newenham, captain and pitcher; Ernest Thomas Cushman, catcher; James Henry Hudson, first base; H. E. Pike, second base; Edward Connor Rice, third base; Elvin Leslie Allen, short stop; E. W. Allen, left field; E. H. Tupper, center field; W. M. H. Teague, right field; L. G. Saunders, pitcher; H. C. Dearborn, John Burton, L. G. Lord, C. F. T. Stevens, manager.

More Maine Old Photos

Mobile High School, Mobile, Alabama 1922 Football Team

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In the photograph: Players George Irvine, Leon Athey, Ed. Haas, Marvin Smith, Leo Owen, Fred Pickhard, Jim Hart, Charley Heuback, Ned Meredith, Cullen Richardson, Cliff Clisby, Norbert Niolon, Alan Kidd, Lester Diamond, Julian Graddick.

Coach - Mr. Wester.

Many unidentified players are in the photograph.

More Alabama Old Photos

Saturday, December 16, 2006 Scans Everton Genealogical Library

Genealogy and Family History Data to Go Online has started to scan hundreds of thousands of pages of genealogy and family history data at the Everton Genealogical Library, one of the largest privately held genealogical libraries in the United States. is now hosting all of Everton’s online content and has become Everton’s largest reseller of print subscriptions. The Everton Genealogical Library is an invaluable resource filled with 80,000+ books, manuscripts, records, newsletters, maps, pedigree charts, and much, much more.

Read full story

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Train Wrecks, Tornadoes, Floods, Fires & Other Disasters

More disaster articles at chronicles the events that touched our ancestors' lives - train wrecks, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, mining explosions, ship wrecks, drownings, and accidents. Transcribed newspaper accounts, excerpts from historical books and photographs detail hundreds of life's tragedies that our ancestors' endured, from the 1800s to the 1950s. (and it's free)

New material is being transcribed and added daily..... These have been added in the past two weeks:

Boise, ID Fire, Oct 1899
Fairview, ID Train Wreck, Nov 1917
Harrison, ID Cameron Lumber Company Fire, Aug 1902
Soda Springs, ID Train Wreck, Nov 1913
Weiser, ID Train Accident, Sept 1904

Alton, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Altona, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1895
Amboy, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Aurora, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1895
Chenoa, IL Tornado, May 1858
Des Plaines, IL Train Wreck, May 1899
Garden Plain, IL Tornado, May 1875
Greasy Prairie, IL Tornado, May 1883
Jacksonville, IL Ice Storm, Feb 1883
Lenzburg, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1899
Literberry, IL Tornado, May 1883
Livingston, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1929
Lynden, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Mt. Vernon, IL Tornado, Feb 1888
Murrayville, IL Tornado, May 1883
Ottawa, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1870
Tampico, IL Fire, Jan 1874
Tampico, IL Fire, May 1876
Tampico, IL Fire, Spring 1872
Wann, IL Train Wreck - The Wann Disaster, Jan 1893

Edgewood, IA Fire, Oct 1908 - updated

Birmingham, MO Train Wreck, Sept 1902
Harlem, MO Flood, May 1903
Jefferson City, MO Train Wreck, Dec 1913
Lyman, MO Train Wreck, Oct 1893
Moberly, MO Wabash Foundry Fire, Oct 1908
Newtown, MO Tornado, Apr 1889 - updated
St. Louis, MO Dardenne Creek Train Wreck, Jan 1904
St. Louis, MO Empire Hotel Fire, Feb 1902
St. Louis, MO Brown Shoe Company Elevator Accident, Jan 1904

Albany, NY Fire, Apr 1891 - updated
Brooklyn, NY Fire, Oct 1884
Buffalo, NY Columbia Building Fire, Jan 1907 - updated
Canastota, NY Fire, Apr 1873
Lyons, NY Hotel Baltzel Fire, Jan 1896
Hoffmans, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1902
New York, NY Folding Bed Accident, Dec 1910
New York, NY Train Wreck, Jan 1902
New York, NY Railroad Accident, Apr 1911
New York, NY Trolley Car Accident, Aug 1902
Otisville, NY Train Accident, Aug 1915
Sidney, NY Train Wreck, Sept 1908
Syracuse, NY Train Accident, Nov 1911

Austin, PA Weisert's Store and House Fires, May 1902
Bodines, PA Train Accident, May 1902
Bridgeville, PA Train Wreck, Apr 1907
Carnegie, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1907
Charleroi, PA Monongahela River Drowning, Jun 1913
Chester, PA Trolley - Train Wreck, Aug 1895
Connellsville, PA Drowning, Jan 1909
Connellsville, PA Storm & Flood, May 1902
Curwensville, PA Flood, May 1889
Delaware County, PA Flood, Aug 1843
Doylestown, PA Fire, Dec 1913
Eddystone, PA Baldwin Locomotive Works Fire, Nov 1915
Essington, PA Delaware River Drowning, Jun 1901
Exeter, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1884
Faunce, PA McDonald Barn Fire, May 1932
Glenshaw, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1908
Hamburg, PA Church Fire, May 1875
Hamburg, PA Fire, May 1930
Huntingdon, PA Brush Fire, May 1885
Huntingdon, PA Fisher House Fire, Feb 1913
Huntingdon, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1888
Hyndman, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1908
Indiana, PA Gas House Fire, May 1890
Lynn, PA Redstone Creek Drowning, Apr 1895
McDonald, PA Storm & Lightning Strike, Mar 1902
Norristown, PA Train Accident, Aug 1895
Philadelphia, PA Electricity Accident, Jan 1902
Philadelphia, PA Fire, Feb 1865
Philadelphia, PA Grand Central Theatre Fire, Apr 1892
Philadelphia, PA Phoenix Pants Shirt & Overall Co., Feb 1907
Philadelphia, PA Standard Glass Varnish Co. Fire, Mar 1882
Philadelphia, PA Tornado, Apr 1856
Pittsburgh, PA Fire, Apr 1845
Pittsburgh, PA Storm, Apr 1894
Pittsburgh, PA Storm, Aug 1895
Pittsburgh, PA Train Accident, Feb 1896
Portage, PA Train Wreck, Jan 1902
Slate Run, PA J. B. Weed & Co. Sawmill Fire, Jan 1893
Somerset, PA Storm, May 1911
Springdale, PA Six Men Drown, May 1898
Troy, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1907
Uniontown, PA Windstorm Hits Circus Tent, Jun 1917
West Leisenring, PA Connellsville Coal & Iron Co. Explosion, Feb 1884
West Pittston, PA Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Accident, Jul 1894
Wilkes-Barre, PA Lehigh & Wilkes-Barre Coal Co. Explosion, May 1890
Wilkes-Barre, PA Mine Explosion, Dec 1896
Wilkes-Barre, PA Mine Explosion, Mar 1890
Wilkinsburg, PA Fire, Mar 1908
York, PA Tornado, Apr 1856

Ashland, WI Fire, Aug 1900 - updated
Berlin, WI Fire, May 1898
Berlin, WI Tornado, Jul 1885
Endeavor, WI Fire, Nov 1909
Fond du Lac, WI Lumber Yard & Blast Furnace Fire, Sept 1895
Green Lake, WI Tornado, Jul 1873
Hollandtown, WI Lightning Strike, Jun 1899
Marinette, WI Gram Building Fire, Oct 1901
Oshkosh, WI Train Wreck, Jan 1909
Stockton, WI Custer Creamery Fire, Dec 1913

Don't see the disaster you've been researching? Come by and try our search engine - or browse through over a thousand other train wrecks, tornadoes, drownings, mine explosions, fires, etc. we've catalogued on the site.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio 1929-30 Basketball Team photo

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Players: Ed Broscoe, Bussy Reese, Johnny Kabealo, Nick Hayden, Steve Berdis, Ken Davis, Patsy Fizzwallo, Wilfred Bolton, William Griffiths, Francis Petrick, Kenneth Lutz, ____ Bonnell

Coach Chester McPhee.

Two unidentified men, either two student managers or a student manager and a young assistant coach.

More Ohio Old Photos

Edgewood, Iowa Old Postcards & Photographs

View the photos

Early 1900s photos of Main Street, the opera house and the Whipple Hotel, as well as, photos of the aftermath of the fire that destroyed part of the town in October 1908.

More Iowa Old Photos

Cardwell High School, Cardwell, Montana Girls Basketball Team 1925

View the photo

In the photograph: Helen Wegren, Grace Douglas, Evelyn Lahood, Dorothy Sparrell, Frances Hart, Fern Canty - coach, Esther Wegren

More Montana Old Photos

Christmas Card Postcards from the Early 1900s

Vintage Christmas Card postcards from the early 1900s .... maybe your ancestors sent or received one like these.

View the Cards at

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Parma High School, Parma, Idaho Football Team 1935 Photo

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In the photograph: Julian Mendiola, captain; Bill Fisk, Gordon Greenbank, Bill Hammock, Charles Jurries, Ed Hobbs, James Klahr, Bill Mitchell, Ernest Wymer, John Smith, Quenton Correll, Bowman Vertrees, Edward Platt, Ben Galey, Theron Gough, Coach - Odie C. Pederson

More Idaho Old Photos

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Train Wrecks, Tornadoes, Fires, Floods, Drownings ....

New disaster articles at chronicles the events that touched our ancestors' lives - train wrecks, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, mining explosions, ship wrecks, drownings, and accidents. Transcribed newspaper accounts, excerpts from historical books and photographs detail hundreds of life's tragedies that our ancestors' endured, from the 1800s to the 1950s. (and it's free)

Bridgeport, CT Train Wreck, Jun 1903
Bristol, CT Flood, Feb - Mar 1896
Forestville, CT Train Wreck, Mar 1896
Milford, CT Milford Hotel Fire, Mar 1923
New Haven, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1913
Winsted, CT Beardsley Hotel Fire, Nov 1939

Alton, IA Tornado, June 1860
Boone County, IA Tornado, Jun 1882
Burlington, IA Street Car Accident, Oct 1901
Chester, IA Tornado, June 1890
Decorah, IA Storm & Flood, May 1902
Fort Dodge, IA Prairie Fire, Nov 1860
Johnson County, IA Tornado, May 1899
Keokuk County, IA Fuhs Drowning, Aug 1885
Keokuk County, IA Tornado, May 1873
Oelwein, IA Train Wreck, May 1899
Washington County, IA Tornado, May 1873
McGregor, IA Storm, May 1902
Coppock, IA Tornado, Jun 1902
Burlington, IA Carriage Accident, May 1903
Creston, IA Tornado, May 1903
Lowden, IA Train Wreck, Oct 1906
Aplington, IA Train Wreck, May 1918
Van Horne, IA Olsen Construction Accident, May 1926

Albany, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Alton, IL Tornado, May 1873
Bush, IL Tornado, Apr 1912
Carlinville, IL Tornado, Apr 1880
Chicago, IL Fire June 1891
Dunkel Station, IL Tornado, May 1917
Garden Plain, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Madison Co., IL Tornado, Mar 1871
New Douglas, IL Tornado, Feb 1876
Pana, IL Tornado, June 1857
Rock Island, IL Fire, July 1860
Tampico, IL Tornado, Jun 1874
Tampico, IL Tornado, Nov 1908
Taylorville, IL Tornado, Apr 1880 – updated

Morocco, IN Tornado, Apr 1912 updated

Louisville, KY West Main Street Fire, Dec 1894
Louisville, KY Fire, Dec 1891
Louisville, KY Standard Oil Refinery Explosion, Jun 1890
Corinth, KY Train Wreck, Aug 1924

Ashley Falls, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1910
Boston, MA Fire, Feb 1899
Loeminster, MA Fire, May 1903
North Adams, MA D. H. Maloney's Block Fire, Mar 1896
North Adams, MA Fire, Feb 1898
Pelham, MA House Explosion, Jan 1891
Sharon, MA Lake Massapoag Drownings, Jun 1896
Shelburne Falls, MA Train Wreck, Apr 1886
Springfield, MA Evening Union Office Fire, Mar 1915
Springfield, MA Phelps Publishing Co. Fire, Jan 1907

Baltimore, MD Fire - The Great Fire, Feb 1904
Mt. Airy, MD Fire, Mar 1914
Mt. Airy, MD Fire, Feb 1903

Berlin, NH Albert Theatre Fire, Nov 1907
Berlin, NH Berlin Manufacturing Co. Fire, Sept 1896
Berlin, NH Boarding House Fire, Dec 1905
Berlin, NH Fire, Feb 1908
Berlin, NH Fire, Jan 1905
Canaan, NH Fire, June 1923
Exeter, NH Exeter Barn Fire, Feb 1906
Exeter, NH Exeter Cotton Mills Fire, Mar 1893
Exeter, NH Goodwin Block Fire, Jan 1899
Exeter, NH Phillips Exeter Academy Fire, Jul 1914
Hampton Beach, NH Fire, June 1923
Londonderry, NH Annis Grain & Lumber Mills Boiler Explosion, Jan 1906
Manchester, NH Amoskeag Falls Flood, Mar 1859
Manchester, NH Amoskeag Mills Accident, Oct 1891
Manchester, NH Amoskeag Mills Fire, July 1855
Manchester, NH Armory Fire, Feb 1906
Manchester, NH Fire, July 1870
Manchester, NH Flood, Mar 1896
Nashua, NH Fire, May 1930
Portsmouth, NH Flood, Apr 1895
Raymond, NH Fire, Dec 1892
Rochester, NH Flood, Apr 1895
Suncook, NH Flood, Mar 1936
West Rindge, NH Tornado, Sept 1928

Camden, NJ Storm, Jan 1889
Elizabeth, NJ Train Accident, Aug 1906
Jersey City, NJ Boltwood's Hardware Store Fire, Jan 1891
Jersey City, NJ Tenement Fire, Jan 1891
Metuchen, NJ Train Boiler Explosion, Mar 1907
Newark, NJ Clark & Wheeler's Electrical Works Fire, Apr 1895
Newark, NJ Train Accident, Jun 1872
New Jersey Storm, Jan 1914

Albany, NY Fire, Apr 1891
Canajoharie, NY Train Wreck, Sept 1889
Gowanda, NY Plow Works Fire, Sept 1932
Groveland, NY Train Wreck, Feb 1891
Long Branch, NY Tornado "The Syracuse Tornado", Sept 1912
New York, NY Ferry Boat Wreck & Fire, Aug 1910
New York, NY Rockaway Beach Storm & Drownings, Jun 1902
Olean, NY Train Wreck, Mar 1908
Oriskany, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1901
Phoenix, NY Sweet Brothers Paper Manufacturing Co. Fire, Jan 1910
Rochester, NY Train Wreck, Apr 1899
Saratoga, NY Fire, Jun 1902

Allenton, WI Train Wreck, Oct 1912
Amherst Junction, WI Train Wreck, Nov 1909
Boardman, WI Tornado, Jun 1889
Boyd, WI Train Wreck, Jan 1900
Clear Lake, WI Tornado, Jun 1889
Clintonville, WI Sawmill Fire, Jul 1885
Fond du Lac, WI Boating Accident, Jul 1906
Fond du Lac, WI Train Accident, Aug 1912
Hudson, WI Tornado, Jun 1889
Kenosha, WI Drowning Rescue, Feb 1912
Kimberly, WI Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill Collapse, Oct 1928
La Crosse, WI Steamer War Eagle Fire, May 1870
La Crosse, WI Storm & Flood, Jun 1889
Lake Geneva, WI Boating Accident & Drowning, Jul 1895
Madison, WI Fairchild Building Fire, Mar 1879
Marinette, WI Hamilton & Merryman Sawmill Fire, Jun 1899
Milwaukee, WI Grace Hotel Fire, Jul 1899
Oshkosh, WI Clyde Spore Drowning, Jul 1912
Oshkosh, WI Horn & Schwain Brewery Fire, Mar 1879
Peshtigo, WI Fire Oct 1871
Reedsburg, WI Tornado, Jul 1915
Stanley, WI Fire, May 1906
Steven's Point, WI Grant's Park Drowning Rescue, Jul 1906
Stevens Point, WI Horseshoeing Accident, Aug 1906
Union Grove, WI Train Accident, Oct 1901
Waukesha, WI Train Wreck, Aug 1913
July 4th Holiday Drownings, 1932

Don't see the disaster you've been researching? Come by and try our search engine - or browse through the hundreds of other train wrecks, tornadoes, drownings, mine explosions, fires, etc. we've catalogued on the site.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Minnesota Birth Certificate Index: A few more years..

Searching Minnesota Birth & Death Indexes

Minnesota Historical Society has added a few more years to the Minnesota Birth Certificates Index. What's been added? 1921-1924.

So, now 1900-1924 is searchable on line.

Search the Minnesota Death Certificates Index

And, if you're looking for death records, they're on line, too. The Death Certificates Index includes death cards from 1904-1907 and the death certificates from 1908 to 2001.

Search the Minnesota Death Certificates Index

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shadyside High School, Shadyside, Ohio Class of 1911

View the photo

The names of the students are unknown.

Perhaps you might recognize one or two of them.

More Ohio Old Photos

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Viola High School, Viola, Wisconsin Basketball Team 1909

View the photo

The names of the players and the coach are unknown.

You might recognize some of them.

More Wisconsin Old Photos

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hot Springs, Arkansas Postcards & Old Photographs

View the photos

20 old views of Hot Springs, Arkansas, featuring photos of Central Avenue & Bath House Row, Arlington, Majestic, Eastland, Como, and other hotels and early 1900s street scenes. Two postcards views of the 1923 Flood & Fire.

More Arkansas Old Photos

Monday, August 07, 2006

Photos of Past Mayors on Display at Maryville, IL Village Hall

Maryville honors past, present mayors

Village of Marysville, Illinois, near St. Louis, recently honored the men who held the top post in the villages century-long history. Board Trustee Rod Schmidt spent 18 months researching the mayors in his quest for 16 pictures to hang in the board meeting room of Maryville Village Hall.

MARYVILLE - They sold beer, mined coal, ran businesses and watched a village grow. Maryville's 15 former mayors added both taxes and lore to the village's 104-year history.

The first mayor in 1902 was John Enz, a coal miner from Ohio who later died of lung disease at age 35. Mayor No. 10, James Donovan, who served for nine years, moved to St. Louis after the stock market crash of 1929 and became lost to historians.

Read full story from the Belleville News Democrat

Cadiz, Ohio Old Postcards & Photographs

Collection of 34 old photographs and vintage postcards from Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio from the late 1890s to the 1940s, featuring street scenes, churches, homes, people and views of the area.

View the photos

More Ohio Old Photos

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio Class of January 1937 photo

View the photo

In the photograph: Miss Cora Turner and Mr. Lawrence Reed - faculty advisers; students: Betty Adams, John Ambert, Dorothy Bailey, Ivy Bailie, Genevieve Barber, Robert Barnes, Clement Began, Louis Beny, Sylvester Bobnik, Elizabeth Bodnar, Dorothy Brenner, Betty Brown, Margaret Burke, Emma Cellio, Lillian Clark, Willie Crosbie, Blanche Cruikshank, Nathan Daly, Frank Deak, Joe Donnelly, Sarah Dozier, Stephen Drabison, John Edwards, Justina, Eich, Stella Evanoff, Pauline Fedorisin, Charles Fitch, Betty Fitzwallo, Wilson Gardinier, Russell Gates, Irene Gela, Edward Genuske, Sophia Gerak, Geraldine Gleason, William Goddard, Dorothy Graff, Francis Guilkey, Willa Heath, Melvin Heselov, Michael Hororody, Mary Homsey, Helen Jones, Virginia Jones, Julie Jarco, Don Kalosky, Virginia Kanz, William Keeling, Mary Kirner, Gazella Kish, Dolores Koch, Elmer Koran, Mary Korandovitch, Clare Krafcik, Mary Kutsko, Andy Lesko, Jane Lieberman, Dorothy Lloyd, Clarence Lopatta, Carl Lopushansky, Mary Magada, Julia Mihalik, Lillian Mitchell, Everett Mumaw, Norene Nelson, Theresa Ondash, Mike Pachell, John Paligo, Virginia Peterson, Mildred Price, Andrew Puskas, Jack Richards, Eleanor Rosko, Tom Ruane, John Sardich, Josephine Sattler, John Scharsu, Mary Scheetz, Karl Schonhut, Ann Sedlock, Stephen Siefert, Margaret Sipos, Margaret Skelpko, Steve Stefura, Doris Steiner, Norman Tellman, Martin Theisler, John Tomo, Virginia Treharne, Helen Vitikas, Esther Wagner Emerson Ward, Wencil Weiss, Arthur Whiteside, Charlotte Wiandt, June Wolfcale

More Ohio Old Photos

Friday, August 04, 2006

Morton High School, Richmond, Indiana 1920 Football Team

View the photo

In the photograph: Marion B. Zuttermeister, Orville Clark, Ronald Loehr, Herbert E. McMahan, Keifer Calkins, Howard E. Jennings, ___ Walls, ___ Mulligan, ___ Lowman, ___ Davis, ___ Nolan, "Jack" Mattox, "Tom" Schumaker, and "Sam" Greene. Lester R. Null was the coach of the team.

More Indiana Old Photos

Emporia High School, Emporia, Kansas Basketball Team 1920

View the photograph

In the photograph: Stinston, Theller, Laird, Dumm, Campbell, Arnold, Donaldson, McCue, Carle, Longshore, Whitely

More Kansas Old Photos

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Birds Eye View of Central City, Colorado


Central City Colorado, Birds Eye View, Showing the business district, Teller House, churches and residence section.

View the photo

Preserving the History of Sparks High School, Sparks, Maryland

Sparks High School: More Than a Memory
Two North County, Maryland residents, Wayne McGinnis and Dorcas Ensor Schaeffer are working to preserve the history of Sparks High School. The school opened nearly 100 years ago in 1909 as Agricultural High School serving the students in the farming community. The name was changed to Sparks High School about 1920.
Converted to an elementary school in 1953 when the Hereford Junior/Senior High School opened, the building was destroyed by fire in 1995.
The first class photo they've been able to find is from 1915. They also have a class list of the 15 graduates that year, plus a photo of the boys' basketball team.
They want Sparks High graduates, and families of alumni who are deceased, to dig through boxes in attics, as well as in closets and basements. They'll take anything - class photos, school newspapers, class lists, team photos, graduation announcements, play programs, report cards.
Read full article from the North County News

Jonesboro, GA Historical Society Needs Your Photos

Historical Society Needs Old Photos for Book on Jonesboro, Georgia

Ted Key, the curator of the Clayton County History Museum located at the old county jail in Jonesboro, Georgia is working with the Historical Jonesboro Society to produce a book of pictures called “Historic Jonesboro” that will be published by Arcadia Publishing as part of the Images of America series.

The society needs old photographs of Jonesboro from the earliest days of the city to the Centennial Celebration in the late 1950s.

Get more information from The News-Daily, Jonesboro, GA

View the Historical Jonesboro Society website

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Manning High School, Manning, Iowa Class of 1909 photo


View the photo

In the photo: Verna Schmidt, Grover Brunnier, Albert E. Puck, Frank Kaiser, Floyd Parish, Leman Gearhart, Hazel Moerke, Robert Kuhl, Herbert Resner, Robert Campbell, Loyd Rix, Marie Moser, May Hays, Jessie Rohr, Thomas Finnerty

More Iowa Old Photos

Sandusky High School, Sandusky, Ohio 1924 Girls Basketball Team photo


View the photo

From left to right: Edith Gramlich, Marian McElhaney, Virginia Parker, Miss Loveless, Anna Merkle - captain, Evelyn Smith, Helen Guenther and Mary Martin

More Ohio Old Photos

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Batavia, NY Old Postcards and Photographs


Batavia, NY Old Postcards and Photographs

A look at Batavia, Genesee County, NY in the early 1900s. Several views of Main Street from 1905 to the 1940s, Hotel Richmond, Woolworth Building and the Batavia Hospital.

View the Photos

More New York Old Photos

Ellicottville High School, Ellicottville, NY Basketball Team 1908-09


Ellicottville High School, Ellicottville, NY Basketball Team 1908-09

View the photo

In the photograph: Edward O'Rourke, Coach Alfred Hausheer, ____ Lyons, ____ Hall, ____ Hickey, Richard Hermans, Michael McKernan, ____ Brewer

More New York Old Photos

Sedgwick High School, Sedgwick, Kansas Faculty and Students 1908


Sedgwick High School, Sedgwick, Kansas Faculty and Students 1908

View the photo

The names of the students and the teachers are unknown.

You might recognize some of them.

More Kansas Old Photos

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Atlantic High School, Atlantic, Iowa Basketball Team 1935


Atlantic High School, Atlantic, Iowa Basketball Team 1935

In the photo: Mr. Barrows, Floyd Dean, Robert Miller, Ernest Sorenson, Paul Hartkopf, Phil Anderson, John Spence, Mr. Boiler, Middle Row: Donald Knop, Leo Cushing, Howard Marshall, Roy Jessen, Merrill Ostrus, Ronald Britton, Lester Murphy, Owen Meredith - manager, Carl McCuen, Robert Lang, Donald Gaffee, Cecil Knop, Marvel Shaake, Bill Struts, Gerald Kay

View the photo

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Shoe Box of Soldier Photos Restored

Historical Society Restores Shoe Box of Old World War II Soldier Photos
MINOT, N.D. - Ward County Historical Society officials are gathering information on 60-year-old soldier photographs they have restored.

The photos were taken between 1942 and 1945 by the owner of a defunct Minot bar, who would then tack them up on his walls. The more than 600 pictures were donated to the historical society last year - crumpled up in a shoe box.

Society President Paul Robinette took a class on photo restoration, and officials made their own humidification chamber that brought the pictures back to life.

Read full story from the Grand Forks Herald

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Laurel, Mississippi Unknown Photos


Photographs of Unidentified People that lived in and around Laurel, MS

View the photos

Collection of 21 unknown photographs, that could members or friends of the Valentine and Collins families that lived in Jones County, MS.

More Valentine and Collins Family Photos

Photos submitted by Mary Allen Valentine Murphy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Coshocton High School, Coshocton, Ohio Class of 1904


View the photo

Helen Beverly Agnew, Bessie Browning, Edmund Cone Carr, Erma Lillian Coe, Cleveland Virgil Dillin, Nellie Gosser, Lucy J. Graham, Agnes Hanlon, William Arthur Judd, Kathryn Beatrice Martin, Nellie Grant Norris, Wayland Max Parrish, Edward Brown Roberts, Nellie Severns, Adelia Dudley Smith, Forest Delva Speckman, Elsie Lulu Stafford, Jennie Isabell Stewart, Bessie A. Swalley, James Wilbur Swihart, Nelle Thompson, Nellie Trovinger, Jessie Waddell, Charles Conner Wells, Mamie Pearl Williams, and Bessie Alice Wright

More Ohio Old Photos

Lowpoint High School, Lowpoint, IL Junior Class 1928


View the photo

Paul Lancaster, Melvin Scheirer, Clifford Fehr, Lee Kunkel, William Hare, Lynn Banta, Myrtle Whisler, Ruth Hahn, Agnes Braun, Vera Pelz

More Illinois Old Photos

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Aneta, North Dakota Baseball Team 1911


View the photo

The names of the players are unknown. You might recognize some of them.

More North Dakota Old Photos

Memories of Sevastopol, IA live on walls of grocery store

Old Photographs and Memorabilia on display in Iowa Store

The 62-year-old owner of the B & B grocery store at Southeast Sixth Street and Hartford Avenue will let his sons take over more responsibility for the family business, but he'll never be totally gone from the store.

The walls of the store are covered in old photographs and other documents that trace the history of the area back to its beginnings as an independent town,
Sevastopol, in the late 1870s.
Read full story from the DesMoines Register

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bend High School, Bend, OR Football Team 1928


View the photo

Coach Henri Q. Nicol, Donald Larson, Robert "Bob" Spencer, Willis Danforth, Cecil Newman, ___ Hanson (Hansen), Doc Loomis, Chet Hurt, Richard "Dick" Smith, Paul Kemmling, William "Bill" James, James Crawford, William "Bill" Crawford, Gordon James, Earl Hankins, Herb Allen, Vince Graham, Robert "Bob" Gales, Connie Mahoney (Mahony), Merrill Ross, ___ Brown, ___ Joanas

More Bend High School Photos
Girls Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29
Boys Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29

More Oregon Old Photos

Luverne, MN High School Football & Basketball Team 1941-42


Luverne High School, Luverne, MN Football Team 1941

View the photo

Mr. John Conover, WIlliam Juhl, Sandy Myhre, Roger Wiese, Donald Storaker, Sidney Hammer, Alan Kreimier, Paul Hausen, Leonard Hansen, Mr. Norbert Manion, Orvey Jordahl, Judson Peterson, James Butler, Marlyn Hudson, Robert Oesterle, Keith Connell, Waldo Remme, Robert Canfield, Russell Hoven, Mr. Ray Lemmerman, Marlyn Martinson, Hugo Goehle, William Cameron, Bill Brooks, Harris Vande Velde, David Butler, Virgil Stelling, William McCormick, Herbert Hansen

Luverne High School, Luverne, MN Basketball Team 1942

View the photo

Coach Norbert Manion, Captain Keith Connell, Donald Toms, Hugo Goehle, Sandy Myhre, Marlyn Martinson, Manager Bryce Gilbertson, Robert Canfield, Orvey Jordahl, David Butler, Harris Vande Velde, Bill Brooks

More Minnesota Old Photos

New Old Photos

Old Photos - Just added at

View the photos

Virginia May Rosenberger
Annette Hildegarde Sibley
Samuel Edward Nicholson
Pauline Collins
Elizabeth Turner
Shirley Connell
Irene Margaret Priddy
Leonard Clarence Dickinson
Harry Lee H. Crum Jr
Robert Callis
Louis Biggins
Mary Bryant, Douglas Petty, and Willis A. Shell, Jr.
Jewel Hall
Philip Burcher
Eleanor Crossley
Edward Stanley Wheeler
Gladys Elizabeth Ford
William R. Aylett Ballard
Nan Kurtz
Lee Barnhardt Todd
Harriet Cutler
Hannah Cohen
Robert Willis Edwards
Margaret Wilkie
William Mark Gares
Gladys Gillet
Catherine Anolia Henkel
Alma Branch
Almira Quinn
Mildred Pearson
Ella P. Gribskov
Hilda J. Olsen
Betty Rauch
Nellie C. Burke
James B. Sechrist
J. M. Bowersox
Clarence Alton Guderian
Bernadine Beeler
Boris Krichesky
Joyce M. Dickinson
M. A. Cochran
Henri Q. Nicol
Margaret Pepoon
Doc Loomis
New Leipzeg Town Hall, New Leipzeg, North Dakota
Unknown Children, Wahpeton, ND
Girls Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29
Boys Glee Club, Bend High School, Bend, OR 1928-29

Minot, North Dakota Postcards & Old Photos


View the collection

16 vintage photographs and postcard of Minot, ND. Street scenes from the early 1900s through the 1950s, early 1900s photos of the High School, Second National Bank, Russell - Miller Milling Company, Dinnie Flats, Christmas Eve on Central Avenue and Great Northern Depot.

More North Dakota Old Photos

Newport News High School, Newport News, VA Girls Basketball Team 1923


View the photo

In the photo: Elizabeth Turner, Virginia Rosenberger, Ellen Fox, Ruth Clark, Frances Volk, Amanda Gray, Mildred Baylor, Gladys Gillet, Ruth Fitchett, Gladys Ford, Loutrell Llewellyn, Annette Sibley, Hettie Jenkins.

Miss Mildred Rucker, Coach

More Newport News High School photos
More Virginia Old Photos

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Photos Trace Western Oregon's History

Exhibit of Salem and Western Oregon photographs online
Thousands of historic Oregon photographs dating from the mid 1800's, with a special focus on the City of Salem and Western Oregon communities. The photographs are digitized and searchable. Most of the photographs were assembled from a variety of local and private sources and collections. The website was created by the Salem Public Library and is an important resource for those interested in the history of Oregon.

Old Photos Genealogy Blog
Salem Woolen Mills, early 1900s postcard from

Friday, June 16, 2006

Gladbrook, Iowa Train Wreck March 1910


Rock Island Train Wreck Kills 47 - March 1910

Newspaper article, information, and photos detailing the wreck of the Rock Island train at Green Mountain near Gladbrook, Iowa, on March 21, 1910. Includes a list of the dead.

View the article, events that touched our ancestors' lives.

More Iowa Disasters
More Iowa Old Photos

Old Photos Genealogy Blog, photos, genealogy, and more.

Athens High School, Athens, Ohio Faculty 1932-33 photo


Group photo of the Athens High School Faculty during the 1932-33 school year.

View the photo

Faculty surnames: Bjornstad, Brown, Connett, Dowell, Estabrook, Gilmore, Henderson, Irene, Johnston, Kay, Lamon, McConnell, McEwen, McKinley, Moore, Nellis, Newcomb, Pendry, Pickering, Pickett,Porter, Roberts, Wamsley, Wiley, Wilson, Wood.

View more Ohio Old Photos

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Unknown Dads: Recognize One for Father's Day

Unknown Fathers, Brothers, Sons, Husbands, Grandfathers, Uncles ... you might recognize one of over 300 unknown men.

Easy-to-view thumbnail images show a quick look at each of the unknown men in the Unknown Gallery. They could be from your family.

View the unknown men

The photo above is Unknown Men from Bradford, PA Recognize them?

Batavia High School, Batavia, NY Basketball Team 1925-26 Photo


Coach: Raymond L. Pierce

Team members: John Luther - captain, Klein McCurdy, Albert Morehouse, Elbert Martin, Roy Wickens, Donald Sutherland, Charles Hodgson - manager

Three unidentified players are also in the photograph.

View the photograph

Thursday, June 08, 2006

East High School, Rochester, NY Swimming Team 1922


View the photo

Jack Delmarle - manager, Gregg Swarthout, Theodore Peaver, William Peaver, Russell Bradshaw, Carl Grashof, Robert Skelton, Raymond Ward, George Blair, Theodore Gunkler, Burton White, Earl Goldstein.

Another five boys are in the photograph that were not listed on the roster.

The coaches in the photo were unidentified. They might be James Fowle and Robert McKay who were Physical Training instructors at East High School at the time.

New Ohio Old Photos


New and Recently Added Photos in the Ohio Old Photos Section

Adam Ax
Alex Luxeder Family
Mary Luxeder and her husband
Rose Luxeder with her grandchildren
Christena Luxeder
Charles Edward Little
Knisley Home in Bainbridge Ohio
James Sommers Patterson
Stella Chapman Patterson
Painter Family
Rev. John F. Grimes
Dr. H. M. Burgess
J. C. Potter
Rollo and Clarence Gilmore
Calvin and Oceola Linard Gilmore
Oceola Linard Gilmore and Clarence Gilmore
Mary Linard, Wilma Linard, Irene Kail Linard, Lucille Linard, and Ruth Linard
John Moore, Wilma Linard Moore, Irene Maude Kail Linard, George Linard, and Patricia Moore
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Graham Linard
George Bowers Family
Aaron and Matilda Addy
Mary Jane Cox
Ruth Marion Linard
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Linard and Ruth Marion Linard
John and Wilma Linard Moore with Patricia
George Alan Linard Sr., George Alan Linard Jr., Donald Franklin Linard, and Robert Eugene Linard
Donald Franklin Linard
Adolphus Linard, Tom Meek, Franklin Thompson, and George A Linard with unknown hunters
Adolphus Linard 1916
John Albert Corliss and Maude Kail
Mildred Jean Holcomb 1927
Tim Smith
Crestview Junior High School, Columbus, OH Class of 1954
R. G. Barry Corp. Christmas Party, Dec 1958, Columbus, OH
Unknown Girls
Unknown Woman
Albert Lee Irey
Albert Lee Irey
Albert Lee Irey and Clara Xenia Willard Irey with Rosamond Irey and Sarah Genevieve Iray

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wooster High School, Wooster, Ohio 1913 Football Team Photo


Football roster: Paul Misseldine, Harry Statler, John Bricker, Edward Camp, John Brandt, Ellis Davenport, Ceylon Strong, Harlen Hauenstein, Ray Matz, Holland Slutz, Harry Mills, Luther King, John Carleton, Robert Spear, William Fulton, John Frick, Glenn Hawk, Edward Morre, Raymond Sidle

Roster includes the weight of many of the players - most weighted between 135-150 pounds!

View more Ohio Old Photos

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Historic Hurricane Photos

Florida Archives On Line Exhibit Shows Images of Hurricanes Past

Photos of past hurricanes from a group of people gathered around a wrecked building in 1896 to a home damaged by Hurricane Dennis in 2005, are part of this on line photo gallery. Of special interest, photo from the 1928 Hurricane that devastated Belle Glade, FL in 1928.

View the photos at

To find more hurricane photographs, search on hurricane at the Florida Memory Collection

John A. Johnson High School, St. Paul, MN Football Team 1915 photo on line


View the photo

Football Roster: Weinmann - Captain, Bishop, Combs, Clausen, Anderson, Olson, Woll, Perrier, H. Johnson, Velat, Shaughnessy, Reserves: Sweet, Cadow, Moran, Wirth, Hogan, Hanke, Breen, R. Johnson, O'Dea, Hausener, Wahl. The coach was Mr. Adams.

More Minnesota Old Photos

Friday, June 02, 2006

Byerly Family Album: Unknown Faces from the Past


Byerly Family Album, a collection of 43 unknown photographs of men, women, babies, children from the late 1800s who may be friends or family members of the Byerly Family of Western Pennsylvania. The Album was in the collection of Emma Snyder and Charles W. Byerly.

View the photos

Granite Falls Museum Puts Photos On Line

Granite Falls, WA Historical Museum Puts 5000 Historic Photos On Line

Known for its displays of old technology, the Granite Falls Historical Museum is using new technology to build a wider audience.

Museum volunteers have put about 5,000 historic photos - its entire collection - online.

The museum has accumulated photos and other historic items since it opened in 1971. But there's a difference between collecting and a collection, museum spokesman Fred Cruger said.

"Now, we're trying to make it accessible," he said.

Officials have built a database of old photos and maps. Later this year, they hope to break ground on a new 3,000-square-foot building.

View the Collection

Read the Article from the Granite Falls Herald, June 2, 2006

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reading PA Tri-State Baseball Team 1908 photo on line


Reading PA Baseball Team, part of the Tri-State Division in the Minor League in 1908. Players included: Frank Baker, Jack Lelivelt, John Barthold and Barton, Clay, Lynch, Stroh, Files, Crooks, Emerson, Boice, and Shaugnessy. Weigand was the manager.

View the photo

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Old Photos - History in the making.

Florida Memory Project: They see your photos as history in the making.

History didn't end yesterday. So keep the Florida Memory Project in mind when you sift through Grandma's old photos - and when you're clicking off shots on your digital camera.

"Today's photo is tomorrow's history," said Rivers Buford III, legislative-affairs director for the Florida Department of State. "If we don't start (saving) modern pictures, there's going to be a gap in the archives."

The Florida Memory Project is the Department of State's four-pronged collection of state history: video, audio, online classroom and still photos. All four components are available online, though the Florida Photographic Collection is the star: Its site draws an incredible 200,000 visitors a month.

Read full article from the Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, FL, May 30, 2006

Monday, May 29, 2006

Odd Fellows Home, Pittsburgh, PA Postcards & Old Photographs On Line


Collection of ten postcards and photographs from the 1920s showing various departments at the Pittsburgh, PA Odd Fellows Home for Widows and Orphans.

Includes photos of the barber shop, chapel, dentist office, chapel and photos of many unidentified students.

View the photos

More Pittsburgh, PA Old Photos at

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Coffeyville, Kansas Postcards and Old Photographs On Line


Collection of old postcards and photos of street scenes, businesses, buildings and homes in Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas.

Includes photo of workers and passengers on an early bus from the Coffeyville Motor Company and early 1900s photo of the men of Fire Station No. 1. Both of these include many unknown people - you might recognize some of them.

Mostly early 1900s photos, with a couple of 1940s-1950s street views.

View the photos

More Kansas Old Photos at