Friday, January 12, 2007

Arkansas Train Wrecks & Tornadoes

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Brinkley, Arkansas Train Wreck, Nov 1908
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Surnames: Clark, Hall, Wydick, Littlejohn, Riley

Hope, Arkansas Train Wreck, March 1893
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Surnames: Mills, Thomas, Fachary, Cummings, Manning, Marcus, Taylor, Cheek, Horee, Foster, Lobdy, Burleigh, Hopkins, Ray, Roberts, Edwards, Neff

Fayetteville, AR Train Wreck, January 1892
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Surnames: Collins, Coke, Davis, Egan, Hawkins, Mitchell, Rehols, Williams

Texarkana, AR Tornado, July 1882
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Surnames: Ghio, Hogan, Mayfield, Smith, May, Long, Markham, Lawrence, Lowry, Mitchell, Bechan, Manning, Russell

Osceola, Arkansas Tornado, September 1872
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Surname: Eddis
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