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Pitts Family Gathering abt 1912

Pitts Family Gathering abt 1912 on line at
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Pitts family gathering around 1912 - Location near Big Cabin, Craig Co., OK at Alexander L. Pitts' Ranch, Children and grandchildren of Alex L. & Martha (Huckaby) Pitts. You might recognize some of these family members and may be able to identify the unknowns. In the photograph --

Left to Right
Boy on horse: Lewis Lucian Pitts b. 1904, son of Joe Pitts
Alexander L. Pitts
Martha Ann (Huckaby) Pitts, his wife
Tall man: Joseph Carroll "Joe" Pitts
Woman behind chair: Rueldine states that "this has to be Mary Virginia "Ginnie" (Pitts) Hackett"
Baby in chair: Helen Hacker
Man with hat: Jim Hacker
Boy child in front of man with hat: One of Joe's boys, Curtis L. Pitts b. c 1908
Woman R of man with hat: A girlfriend of Bertha (Pitts) Clagett. Name not known.
Girl child in front of woman: Joe's younger daughter, Viola Opal Pitts b. c 1906
Young man 4th from the left – Albert Pitts b. 1890
Girl in front of Albert Pitts : Joe's daughter, Ruby (Pitts) Harmon (she had an older sister and younger sister)
Girl standing R of Albert - Bertha (Pitts) Claggett b. 1894
Young girl standing in front of to the R: Joe's oldest daughter, Lydia Pitts b. c 1901
Young Man 2nd from the R - Frank Pitts (thin face) b. 1892
Young Man on the far R - Dee Pitts (round/square face) b. 1888

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