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New Train Wrecks, Tornadoes, Fires, Floods, Drownings ....

New disaster articles at chronicles the events that touched our ancestors' lives - train wrecks, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, mining explosions, ship wrecks, drownings, and accidents. Transcribed newspaper accounts, excerpts from historical books and photographs detail hundreds of life's tragedies that our ancestors' endured, from the 1800s to the 1950s. (and it's free)

Bridgeport, CT Train Wreck, Jun 1903
Bristol, CT Flood, Feb - Mar 1896
Forestville, CT Train Wreck, Mar 1896
Milford, CT Milford Hotel Fire, Mar 1923
New Haven, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1913
Winsted, CT Beardsley Hotel Fire, Nov 1939

Alton, IA Tornado, June 1860
Boone County, IA Tornado, Jun 1882
Burlington, IA Street Car Accident, Oct 1901
Chester, IA Tornado, June 1890
Decorah, IA Storm & Flood, May 1902
Fort Dodge, IA Prairie Fire, Nov 1860
Johnson County, IA Tornado, May 1899
Keokuk County, IA Fuhs Drowning, Aug 1885
Keokuk County, IA Tornado, May 1873
Oelwein, IA Train Wreck, May 1899
Washington County, IA Tornado, May 1873
McGregor, IA Storm, May 1902
Coppock, IA Tornado, Jun 1902
Burlington, IA Carriage Accident, May 1903
Creston, IA Tornado, May 1903
Lowden, IA Train Wreck, Oct 1906
Aplington, IA Train Wreck, May 1918
Van Horne, IA Olsen Construction Accident, May 1926

Albany, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Alton, IL Tornado, May 1873
Bush, IL Tornado, Apr 1912
Carlinville, IL Tornado, Apr 1880
Chicago, IL Fire June 1891
Dunkel Station, IL Tornado, May 1917
Garden Plain, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Madison Co., IL Tornado, Mar 1871
New Douglas, IL Tornado, Feb 1876
Pana, IL Tornado, June 1857
Rock Island, IL Fire, July 1860
Tampico, IL Tornado, Jun 1874
Tampico, IL Tornado, Nov 1908
Taylorville, IL Tornado, Apr 1880 – updated

Morocco, IN Tornado, Apr 1912 updated

Louisville, KY West Main Street Fire, Dec 1894
Louisville, KY Fire, Dec 1891
Louisville, KY Standard Oil Refinery Explosion, Jun 1890
Corinth, KY Train Wreck, Aug 1924

Ashley Falls, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1910
Boston, MA Fire, Feb 1899
Loeminster, MA Fire, May 1903
North Adams, MA D. H. Maloney's Block Fire, Mar 1896
North Adams, MA Fire, Feb 1898
Pelham, MA House Explosion, Jan 1891
Sharon, MA Lake Massapoag Drownings, Jun 1896
Shelburne Falls, MA Train Wreck, Apr 1886
Springfield, MA Evening Union Office Fire, Mar 1915
Springfield, MA Phelps Publishing Co. Fire, Jan 1907

Baltimore, MD Fire - The Great Fire, Feb 1904
Mt. Airy, MD Fire, Mar 1914
Mt. Airy, MD Fire, Feb 1903

Berlin, NH Albert Theatre Fire, Nov 1907
Berlin, NH Berlin Manufacturing Co. Fire, Sept 1896
Berlin, NH Boarding House Fire, Dec 1905
Berlin, NH Fire, Feb 1908
Berlin, NH Fire, Jan 1905
Canaan, NH Fire, June 1923
Exeter, NH Exeter Barn Fire, Feb 1906
Exeter, NH Exeter Cotton Mills Fire, Mar 1893
Exeter, NH Goodwin Block Fire, Jan 1899
Exeter, NH Phillips Exeter Academy Fire, Jul 1914
Hampton Beach, NH Fire, June 1923
Londonderry, NH Annis Grain & Lumber Mills Boiler Explosion, Jan 1906
Manchester, NH Amoskeag Falls Flood, Mar 1859
Manchester, NH Amoskeag Mills Accident, Oct 1891
Manchester, NH Amoskeag Mills Fire, July 1855
Manchester, NH Armory Fire, Feb 1906
Manchester, NH Fire, July 1870
Manchester, NH Flood, Mar 1896
Nashua, NH Fire, May 1930
Portsmouth, NH Flood, Apr 1895
Raymond, NH Fire, Dec 1892
Rochester, NH Flood, Apr 1895
Suncook, NH Flood, Mar 1936
West Rindge, NH Tornado, Sept 1928

Camden, NJ Storm, Jan 1889
Elizabeth, NJ Train Accident, Aug 1906
Jersey City, NJ Boltwood's Hardware Store Fire, Jan 1891
Jersey City, NJ Tenement Fire, Jan 1891
Metuchen, NJ Train Boiler Explosion, Mar 1907
Newark, NJ Clark & Wheeler's Electrical Works Fire, Apr 1895
Newark, NJ Train Accident, Jun 1872
New Jersey Storm, Jan 1914

Albany, NY Fire, Apr 1891
Canajoharie, NY Train Wreck, Sept 1889
Gowanda, NY Plow Works Fire, Sept 1932
Groveland, NY Train Wreck, Feb 1891
Long Branch, NY Tornado "The Syracuse Tornado", Sept 1912
New York, NY Ferry Boat Wreck & Fire, Aug 1910
New York, NY Rockaway Beach Storm & Drownings, Jun 1902
Olean, NY Train Wreck, Mar 1908
Oriskany, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1901
Phoenix, NY Sweet Brothers Paper Manufacturing Co. Fire, Jan 1910
Rochester, NY Train Wreck, Apr 1899
Saratoga, NY Fire, Jun 1902

Allenton, WI Train Wreck, Oct 1912
Amherst Junction, WI Train Wreck, Nov 1909
Boardman, WI Tornado, Jun 1889
Boyd, WI Train Wreck, Jan 1900
Clear Lake, WI Tornado, Jun 1889
Clintonville, WI Sawmill Fire, Jul 1885
Fond du Lac, WI Boating Accident, Jul 1906
Fond du Lac, WI Train Accident, Aug 1912
Hudson, WI Tornado, Jun 1889
Kenosha, WI Drowning Rescue, Feb 1912
Kimberly, WI Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill Collapse, Oct 1928
La Crosse, WI Steamer War Eagle Fire, May 1870
La Crosse, WI Storm & Flood, Jun 1889
Lake Geneva, WI Boating Accident & Drowning, Jul 1895
Madison, WI Fairchild Building Fire, Mar 1879
Marinette, WI Hamilton & Merryman Sawmill Fire, Jun 1899
Milwaukee, WI Grace Hotel Fire, Jul 1899
Oshkosh, WI Clyde Spore Drowning, Jul 1912
Oshkosh, WI Horn & Schwain Brewery Fire, Mar 1879
Peshtigo, WI Fire Oct 1871
Reedsburg, WI Tornado, Jul 1915
Stanley, WI Fire, May 1906
Steven's Point, WI Grant's Park Drowning Rescue, Jul 1906
Stevens Point, WI Horseshoeing Accident, Aug 1906
Union Grove, WI Train Accident, Oct 1901
Waukesha, WI Train Wreck, Aug 1913
July 4th Holiday Drownings, 1932

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