Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eugene, Oregon High School Freshmen Girls 1911 Photo

Eugene, Oregon High School Freshmen Girls 1911

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Rosebud Andrew, Grace Archer, Nanna Axtell, Grace Bingham, Beatrice Buoy, June Beebe, Drusilla Casteel, Carrie Casperson, Dorothy Collier, Dora Belle Francis, Grace Frederick, Edel Fraasch, Ethel Gibson, Lois Green, Doris Hubbell, Dorothy Harriet Hartung, Madge Pearl Humbert, Berenice Ingalls, Vivien Kellems, Jeanette Kletzing, Elma Ludford, Grace Leathers, Dove McGee, Nellie McClure, Bertha McGuire, Mary Moore, Agnes Miller, Evelyn Milliorn, Helen Porter, Alta R. Sisam, Ethel Smith, Florence Sherman, Frances Schenck, Winifred Starbuck, Emma Stephenson, Caroline H. Taylor, Lida May Tucker, Helen Wells, Juanita Wilkins, Gladys Goltra Wilkins, Helen Wetzel, Miriam Tinker, Helen Delano, and Louise Allen.

The names of the rest of the students are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some of them.

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