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Steamer John L. Lowery, Shawneetown, Illinois
Tonica, Illinois School Building, early 1900s
Gerdes, Louis
Gerdes, Louis
Gerdes, August Peter Henry and Family
Kirby, George Washington
Trantham, Philadelphia Ellen
Trantham, Lillie Belle
Annie Beaton and David House
Lafe, AR Community Gathering
Lafe, AR Community Gathering second photo
Brown, Dosha
Vandeventer, Alexander Spottswood
Beaton, J.M.
Trantham, Lillie Belle
Trantham, Needham
Trantham, Robert Floyd and Trantham, Cutler
Aulne, Kansas, Railroad Depot early 1900s
Somonauk, IL Old Mill early 1900s
Baldwin & Smith Store, Cincinnatus, NY
Gerdes, August Peter Henry Wedding
Hotel Power and Sanitarium, Conneautville, PA
Blum, TX School Agricultural Club 1927
Opening of the Clovis, New Mexico Airport 1927
Opening of the Clovis, New Mexico Airport 1927
Parmer County Court House, Falwell, Texas 1925
Farwell, Texas Schoolhouse 1925
Gerdes, Henry
Millvale PA High School Senior Class 1929
Joseph A. French and Emma Baker French with Dorothy
Wilord Milton Titus and Angeline Moyer Titus
Jeffersonville, Ohio 6th Grade Class 1937-1938
James Hoover and Lutie Anson Hoover with Elmo
Unknown Baby - Greenfield, OH
Unknown Boys - Greenfield, OH
Unknown Baby - Springfield, OH
Graduating Nurses, Johnstown, PA 1928
George & Gertrude Butler, Cooperdale, PA
George Butler Service Station, Cooperdale PA 1924
George Butler Service Station, Cooperdale PA 1922
George Butler Service Station, Cooperdale PA 1922
George Butler Service Station, Cooperdale PA 1921
Hubler: Paul with kids.
Gerdes, Ludwig (Louis) and Family
Warren, Whit
Warren, Clint
Unknown Couple
John Henry Webb
Irene House and Unknown Man abt 1922
Unknown Couple
High Bridge Station, High Bridge, Kentucky
George N. Kidder Co., Northfield, Massachusetts early 1900s
Bluff City, Kansas Views
Smith's Livery, Savanna, IL early 1900s
Group of Folks in Colliers, West Virginia
Loretta Bailey Gebhart
John Schumm
John J. Leeper
John Haley Peery 1930's
Eschylus Hillard Sparks
Emma E. Goeglein Meyer
Emerson Barber Sparks & Lovicy Gunn
Elza M. Brickley
Ellen Jane McCarty
Ella Amelia Mickley & Henry Benhart Fisher 1940
Elizabeth Stoops 1897
Leona Fern Preskey Line & Gerald Line 1911
Evelyn Tomlinson Gabler
Esther Ruth Rosen 1929
Cunningham family 1917
Clark Eucurtis Wolfcale & Cora Ellen Taylor wedding 1901
Albert Draper
Gustav Meyer & Emma Trebra wedding group 1904
Hal & Mary Rollins 1912
Birdie Lena Sparks & Conrad Knudson
Emma Adams & Henry Crump
Cunningham brothers 1940's
Daniel Mossburg family 1890's
Brooks family 1904-porch
Brown children 1903
Bessie Lee McLaughlin & Dora Trepp Guymon 1900
August Rosen & Mollie Gemmer wedding 1903
Cora Byers & Arthur Chambers
John Byron Ady family 1893
Arthur H. Meyer
Bertha Allen Brown & children 1904
Benjamin Draper
Benjamin Masters family 1948
Laura E. Kimball Wilson
Laura Ann Brickley Allen
Descendents of Augustus and Emily Glas
Marriage Certificate Augustus Glas and Emily Reese
Emma Reese Glass 1844 - 1922
Augustus J. Glass 1834 - 1904
Robert Jr. Sanders n Geneva L. Bennett Dennison Sanders Hagan
Arthur Jay Sanbatch n Clara F. Sanders
Elizabeth Jane Arbuckle McBane
Jeanette Virlinda Fowler Arbuckle
Hattie Elizabeth Thompson Kail, Nancy Elizabeth Keeney Thompson, Maude Kail Corlis, and Irene Maude Kail
Keifer School, Beaver Co., PA 1914
Unknown Family, Rock Creek, Ohio
Schoolhouse, New Rumley, Ohio 1914
Unknown Man
Unknown Clergymen
Coolville, Ohio 1913 Flood
Schoolchildren, Batavia, Ohio
Unknown Bride
Unknown Woman
Unknown Civil War Veteran
Unknown Civil War Veteran
Wesley Marsh Family
Unknown Man, Uhrichville, Ohio
Belden Brick Workers, Sugarcreek, OH
Unknown Women, Nevada, OH
Anna Everett
Minnie Mae Bear
Home of Rev. Charles Shaw, Johnstown, PA
Rev. Charles Shaw and family
Possibly a McGraw Woman in Richmond Indiana
Store Keeping in 1914
Store Keeping in 1925
Possibly a McGraw Family Member or Friend of the Family
James Edward Alexander and Irene A House 1921
Daisy and Violet - Texas Siamese Twins
Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers
James Monroe Rogers
Martha E. Olmstead Rogers
Daughter of Monroe and Lina Rogers
Children of Monroe and Lina Rogers
Uel Edward Rogers and Julia Margaret Peet
Fred Rogers
Fred Rogers
Monroe Rogers
Fred and Sarah Peet Rogers
Anne Jane Rogers Ricker
Dorcas Hoffman Rogers
Lillie Rogers
Sarah Smith Rogers
Sarah Smith Rogers
Gurdon Rogers
Enos P. Fuller
Sarah Bliss Rogers Fuller
Flora Lorinda White Horn Fuller
Frederick Mortimer Fuller
John Sylvester Meehan
Albert Thomas White
Jane C. Thompson White
Warren, PA Market early 1900s
Sugar Grove Free Union School, Sugar Grove, PA early 1900s
Sugar Grove Union Free School, Sugar Grove, PA April 1909, 4th Room
Parkers Landing, Pennsylvania School Band
Earl T. Abbott Store, Sugar Grove, PA
Elda - Cousin of Addie Pickard Mattison
Jennie Card Price with her sister and Bessie
Bessie Price 1894
Fred Fuller and Unknown Rogers
St. Mary's School, New Castle, Pa 1931
Hotel Veranda, Bartlett Springs, CA July 30, 1916
Ebnother Block, Downs, Kansas early 1900s
Downs, Kansas High School, early 1900s
Mason City, Iowa Orphans Home Band
Fish Sailors Visiting
Jacob and Mina McClincy Grove
William Grant Miller
Unknown Meadville Family
Unknown Child
The Harmonians
Helen Shaver, Ethel Haines, Margaret Helman, and Alys Kramar 1926
Friedrich Lorz and Mary Louisa Albaugh
Friedrich Lorz
Elma Hill Spencer
Edith Lorraine Miller
Dick McGrath
David Ringold Major and Sarah Davies Major
Daniel Benedict Trick, Louisa Madlinger Trick, and Rosemarie Trick with Joan Roselita Lorz
Cyril Francis Lorz
Cyril Frances Lorz and Rose Marie Trick Lorz with Joan
Crystal Cafe and Penn Traffic Co., Johnstown, PA
Crawford County Courthouse and Jail, Meadville, PA
City Hall, Johnstown, PA
City Hall, Johnstown, PA
Benjamin and Sophia Lawrence
Belleview Blvd, Steubenville, OH
Arminda Lambert
American Viscose Corporation, Meadville, PA
Ada Alexander Harrison
Talon Office Building, Meadville, PA
New Richmond School, Crawford County, PA
Edna Rosenzweig and Child
Joseph and Edna Rosenzweig
Mrs. Edna Rosenzweig
Alivra Ruth, Maurice and Charles Hunter
Martin Hoyt Roubison
Howell Richard "Rich" Moss
Martin Hoyt Roubison
John Alvin Galloway and Clara Bella Adams
Colby College, Waterville, ME 1916 Football Team
Clyde High School, Clyde, Texas 1926 Football Team
Velma (Kiser) Kelley, and others at Carl Miller's Farm 1943
Daniel and Emma Linart
Rev. John F. Grimes
Dr. H. M. Burgess
J. C. Potter
Rollo & Clarence Gilmore
Calvin and Oceola Linard Gilmore
Oceola Linard Gilmore and Clarence Gilmore
Mary Linard, Wilma Linard, Irene Kail Linard, Lucille Linard, and Ruth Linard
John Moore, Wilma Linard Moore, Irene Maude Kail Linard, George Linard, and Patricia Moore
George Bowers Family
Aaron & Matilda Addy
Mary Jane Cox
Ruth Marion Linard
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Linard and Ruth Marion Linard
John and Wilma Linard Moore with Patricia
George Alan Linard, Sr., George Alan Linard, Jr., Donald Franklin Linard, and Robert Eugene Linard
Donald Franklin Linard 1944
Adolphus Linard, Tom Meek, Franklin Thompson, and George A. Linard with unknown hunters
Adolphus Linard 1916
John Albert Corliss and Maude Kail
Bob Curry
Unknown Civil War Soldier from Ohio
L. C. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. John Rowe Ertel
H. B. Heckler
Stella Owens
Jacob Rothley
Rena Ridley
Mr. Kinnaman
James Liddle
Margaret Elizabeth Fisher
Henry B. Fisher
Idella Ora Fisher Davis
Rev. Leander Fisher
Lawrence & Eulalee Conn Virtue
Charles Dieter
James Ewing
H. B. Case
Samuel Thomas Cox headstone
Nelson Armstrong
Elizabeth Conn Virtue
Paul and Dorothy Rogers
Harry Wright
Bess Kirt
Bess Kirt
Michael O'Leary & Johanna Sullivan & family
Michael Patrick O'Leary, Mary Doolan & Family
George Ernst Sandtner and friend
James and Myra Adams Linamen Family
Paul Farringer Family
Paul Farringer Family and Homestead
George Bell
Hanson Family
Two Unknown Woman - Cochranton, PA
Unknown Young Couple
Unknown Woman
Maple Street, Milledgeville, PA
Andrews Family Home
Andrews Family in Milledgeville PA
Adkins Family
Gilbert Adkins Family
John and Ethel Adkins Bennett
John and Sara Evans Fleek and family
Elijah and Charlotte Brooks Lewis
William S., Charles, and Joseph Rentfro
Adkins Family
Dave and Bessie Mae Rentfro Lewis
Charles Augustus and Anna Stairs Rentfro
Fleek Family and Home
Stone School, Elk Falls, KS 1935
Lewis Family
Elk Falls, Kansas 1916
Bennett Family, Elk Falls, KS
Amos and Susan Searl Somers
John and Lillian Stout
Walter and Neola Bennett Lewis 1939
Walter and Neola Bennett Lewis 1961
Somers Family
Mabel, Maud, Ora, and William Spencer Trumbo
Allie and Arabell Trumbo with John Trumbo
Alice Trumbo Parker and Hub John Parker
Lelia Trumbo Fitzpatrick
George Harness Trumbo
Charles H. Trumbo
Nellie Mosier Selleck
Grace Selleck Trumbo 1908
Grace Selleck Trumbo
Ora and Grace Selleck Trumbo with baby Charles Homesteading in Montana in 1916
Mabel Trumbo McGreggor with Cassey
Maud Trumbo Wilson
Charles Selleck
Charles Wetmore Selleck
Cross Mosier
Andrew Trumbo Family
Charles Selleck Family
Lorraine Union School, Lorraine, Kansas early 1900s
High School, Madison, Kansas early 1900s
Birds Eye View, Frisco, Idaho early 1900s
Railroad Yards, Cleghorn, Iowa early 1900s
Horse Show, Downtown Meadville, PA early 1900s
Gate House, Pymatuning Dam, Jamestown, PA
L. W. Johnson, New Castle, PA
St. Agatha's School, Meadville, PA 1908
City Hall and Fire Department, Greenville, PA
Reading High School, Reading, PA Football Team 1957
Reading High School, Reading, PA Football Team 1957
P. Mohr Benjamin
Max Stebbins
Mary Davidson
Marjorie Klepfer
Margaret Robertson
Leola Bayer
Francis C Vetal and wife Edith Evylyn (Granger) Vetal
Rebecca Broad Peck
Me, Angela and Grandma
Great Grandpa Vetal and Raven
Ira Brown
Harold Lowe
Gertrude Schumacher
Florence Thurston
Doris Thurston
Doris Kidder
Doris Cook
Brackett Ayers
Ann Kinnear
J. C. Zwingler
A. T. Zeller
T. D. McKee
J. L. Hammitt
J. D. Evans
Union City High School, Union City, PA 1933 Girls Basketball Team
Missouri Pacific Train Depot, Bartlett, Kansas early 1900s
General Shaw and other Civil War Veterans
Forest Park University, St. Louis, MO Girls Basketball Team 1905
Hinton, IA Baseball Team, early 1900s
Grand Trunk Railroad Station, Gorham, New Hampshire early 1900s
Alice, Willie, and Annie Tinstman
Katherine McKearney
Rev. Robert Shaw Howland
Bullard, Texas Group with Unknown Devices
Humphrey, NE Hose Co No 1, Jan 1910
Reno, Nevada Bank Club 1930s
Chicago, IL Police Department, early 1900s
Wolverine, MI Peoples Band, July 1909
Shelbyville, MO Railroad Depot, early 1900s
Geneseo Township High School, Geneseo, Illinois