Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, Connecticut Class of 1929 Photo

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The Class of 1929 when they were sophomores in 1927.

Class Roster: Bertel Anderson, Ruth Barnard, Bella Bercowetz, Emily Chase, Cora Coleman, Stuart Coles, Grace Curtis, Sarah Donatelli, Fedora Ferraresso, Lillian George, Lawrence Granger, Elvera Kjellquist, Annie Kripes, Sheldon Ladd, Dorothy Lagan, Helen Larsen, Wayland Loomis, Anna Lynch, Frederick Machholz, Jessie Milvae, Gertrude Painter, Marie Pelser, Rufus Peterson, Frances Petschke, Alan Root, Marion Saracenco, Frank Smith, Clara Soule, Arthur Zinser.

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