Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Ohio Old Photos


New and Recently Added Photos in the Ohio Old Photos Section

Adam Ax
Alex Luxeder Family
Mary Luxeder and her husband
Rose Luxeder with her grandchildren
Christena Luxeder
Charles Edward Little
Knisley Home in Bainbridge Ohio
James Sommers Patterson
Stella Chapman Patterson
Painter Family
Rev. John F. Grimes
Dr. H. M. Burgess
J. C. Potter
Rollo and Clarence Gilmore
Calvin and Oceola Linard Gilmore
Oceola Linard Gilmore and Clarence Gilmore
Mary Linard, Wilma Linard, Irene Kail Linard, Lucille Linard, and Ruth Linard
John Moore, Wilma Linard Moore, Irene Maude Kail Linard, George Linard, and Patricia Moore
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Graham Linard
George Bowers Family
Aaron and Matilda Addy
Mary Jane Cox
Ruth Marion Linard
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Linard and Ruth Marion Linard
John and Wilma Linard Moore with Patricia
George Alan Linard Sr., George Alan Linard Jr., Donald Franklin Linard, and Robert Eugene Linard
Donald Franklin Linard
Adolphus Linard, Tom Meek, Franklin Thompson, and George A Linard with unknown hunters
Adolphus Linard 1916
John Albert Corliss and Maude Kail
Mildred Jean Holcomb 1927
Tim Smith
Crestview Junior High School, Columbus, OH Class of 1954
R. G. Barry Corp. Christmas Party, Dec 1958, Columbus, OH
Unknown Girls
Unknown Woman
Albert Lee Irey
Albert Lee Irey
Albert Lee Irey and Clara Xenia Willard Irey with Rosamond Irey and Sarah Genevieve Iray